July 25th, 2009

Bargain Travel Cases for Long-Barreled Rifles

Our readers often ask where they can find bargain-priced, well-constructed soft cases that will hold rifles with 28″ or longer barrels. Right now Sierra Trading Post has two heavy-duty Allen soft cases on sale at very attractive prices. Both these bags are more heavily padded than the typical soft gun case. The 52″ version features plastic side panels to provide extra padding around the center section of your rifle.

AccurateShooter Allen Rifle Case

The 52″-long Allen Elite Cross-over Utility case (above) will fit shotguns and rifles with barrels up to 31″. This features a nylon shell with molded composite panels at impact points and thick, 1″ foam padding inside. You may have to remove very large scopes. Sierra’s price is just $27.96, and these cases typically sell for about $40.00 retail.

AccurateShooter Allen Rifle Case
AccurateShooter Allen Rifle Case

Shown above, the tan-colored Allen Scoped Rifle Case is 49.5″ long, so it will fit rifles with barrels up to 28″ in length. It is marked down to just $24.95, 44% off MSRP. There are two padded side pockets which can hold iron sights, cleaning accessories, or ammo.

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