July 10th, 2009

Good Reading from Varmint Hunter Magazine — For FREE

Varmint Hunter magazineTo receive the Varmint Hunter Magazine you normally have to join the Varmint Hunters Association (VHA) at a cost of $30.00 per year. A VHA membership is worth the money, but it’s always nice to see what you’ll be getting first. Right now you can sample the entire 212-page July Varmint Hunter Magazine for FREE. The current issue features shooting news, plus dozens of articles and gear reviews, illustrated with many photos and data tables. The VHA offers an online version of its July issue in a magazine-style format, allowing you to flip the pages and navigate from an index page to the article you prefer. CLICK HERE to load the July issue of Varmint Hunter Magazine.

Among the recommended articles in the July issue are:

• The 22-6.8 SPC Wildcat Explained, (p. 13)

• Medical and Safety Concerns for Varmint Hunters, (p. 49)

• Big Shooter Portable Bench Review, (p. 62)

• Ballistic Reticles for Long-Range Shooting, (p. 65)

• Don’t Get Lost — Using Topo Maps, Compass, and GPS, (p. 94)

• Comparison of the .204 Ruger and the .20 Tactical, (p. 144)

• Switch-Barrel Remington 700, “Savage Style”, (p. 168)

Varmint Hunter magazine

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