January 8th, 2010

Second Amendment Singles Starts Up on Web

While some of the very best rifle shooters in the world are ladies (Such as Sherri and Michelle Gallagher, and Noma Mayo), a large percentage of women, at least in big cities, seem very “gun-averse” and react negatively to men who collect guns or enjoy shooting as a hobby. This can narrow the pool of women suitable as dating partners or potential “soul-mates”.

If you’re looking for a lady who shares your interest in firearms, and who supports gun ownership by law-abiding citizens, there is a new website you should visit. Second Amendment Singles is a new match-making site design to bring together like-minded, gun-loving men and women. We think that’s a great idea, and we hope the site will successful. Right now the membership is just getting started, and nearly all of the early sign-ups are male. We do hope that, with time, more ladies join the service. Once the word gets out, more lady shooters may sign up.

The founder of the new service, Jared Gollnitz, explains why he set up this new online service: “Gun ownership can be polarizing in a relationship between a man and a woman, but the other dating sites just ignore it as an aspect of compatibility. This site is for the person who … makes NO APOLOGIES for living the armed lifestyle.” Gollnitz adds that his site lets you find “a dating partner who shares the belief that there is nothing as liberating as knowing you can defend yourself.”