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January 10th, 2010

30 Cal Magnums Preferred by North American Big Game Hunters

30-caliber magnums are the chamberings of choice for North American big game hunters. Although the venerable .30-06 and .270 remain popular, Boone and Crockett Club records show that the 30-caliber magnums (of one variety or another) take more North American trophies than any other caliber/chambering. (Note: “30-caliber magnum” includes .300 Win Mag, .300 WSM, .300 Wby. Mag, 300 Ultra mag. Records do not distinguish specific 30-cal magnum chamberings.) Boone and Crockett compiled the data from records-book entries from 2007 through 2009. Surprisingly, the second most popular trophy-taker isn’t a firearm—it’s a bow.

300 Weatherby Magnum

Here are the most commonly used calibers across all Boone and Crockett categories over the past three years, along with percentages of trophy entries credited to each:

30-cal Magnum (all types)—18 percent
Bow/crossbow—16 percent
.270—12 percent
.30-06—11 percent
7mm Magnum—11 percent
Muzzleloader/shotgun—10 percent
6mm—3 percent
.338 Magnum—3 percent
.257—2 percent
.30-30—2 percent
.308—2 percent
.375 Magnum—2 percent
Other—8 percent
300 Weatherby Magnum

30-caliber magnum cartridges appear among the top three calibers for 11 of the 15 species recognized in Boone and Crockett trophy records. Species for which records are kept include: Whitetail deer, Coues’ whitetail deer, Blacktail deer, Mule deer, Black bear, Brown Bear/Grizzly, Pronghorn, Elk, Moose, Caribou, Bison, Muskox, Cougar, Rocky Mtn. Goat, Sheep (Bighorn, Dall’s, Desert, Stone’s).

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January 10th, 2010

Hornady Offers Free Bullets with Purchase of Dies and Presses

Hornady has announced that it is continuing its “Get Loaded” promotion throughout 2010. Under this program, you can get FREE Hornady bullets with the purchase of certain reloading products. For example, you can get 100 free bullets with the purchase of a set of New Dimension dies with Zip Spindle System. You can get 500 free bullets if you purchases a Lock-N-Load Classic Reloading Kit. You’ll find more details on Hornady’s Hornady’s Get Loaded Promo webpage.

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