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January 17th, 2010

Gary Anderson Retires as Director of Civilian Marksmanship

Gary Anderson, who served the CMP as the Director of Civilian Marksmanship (DCM) for the past ten years, officially retired from that position on the December 31, 2009. Anderson celebrated his 70th birthday in October, 2009. The CMP has no immediate plans to appoint a new Director of Civilian Marksmanship. The CMP’s current Chief Operating Officer, Orest Michaels, will take over direct management of CMP programs.

Anderson will continue his association with the CMP in a consulting capacity as “DCM Emeritus”, working work on several projects that include training curriculum development, master instructor training, rulebook editing and technical writing. Anderson will also stay busy with international-level shooting. Anderson was recently elected President of USA Shooting, the U. S. Olympic shooting governing body. He also serves as a V.P. for the ISSF.

CMP Thrived Under Anderson’s Leadership
During his tenure at CMP, participation in CMP National Matches events doubled, the CMP Games expanded dramatically, and Anderson guided the growth of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force JROTC marksmanship programs, and CMP Master Instructor training program. Anderson also had a key role in the construction of the CMP Competition Centers at Camp Perry and Anniston.

While serving as DCM, one of Anderson’s top priorities was increasing youth participation in the shooting sports. In the photo above Anderson awards a certificate to a CMP-USMC Junior High Power Clinic participant.

Anderson said, “My work as the DCM has been richly fulfilling and I am grateful to the CMP and its Board of Directors for the opportunities they gave me to realize so many of my dreams and expectations for the shooting sports.” The CMP Board will hold a tribute to Gary Anderson at Anniston, Alabama on March 28th, after the 2010 JROTC Air Rifle National Championship.

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January 17th, 2010

Handy New Case Lube Pad with Cartridge Tray

Case Lube has a handy new case lube unit from SmartReloader, the Swiss-owned “yellow” brand now competing with RCBS (Green) and Lee (Red). The SR-104 case lube pad/tray is so new you won’t even find it on the parent SmartReloader’s company website.

The SmartReloader Case Lube Unit is very nicely thought out. A closed-cell-foam lube pad is positioned in the middle. On left and right sides are small trays that can hold your lube bottle or cartridge cases. But the real brilliant feature of the design is the dual-purpose yellow pad cover/brass holder. When flipped open, the hinged cover has slots to hold your cases just like a reloading tray. When you’ve finished lubing your cases, fold the yellow lid back and it completely covers and protects the sticky lube pad. That’s really smart. Now you don’t have to worry about your lube pad attracting dirt, tumbler dust, and even unlucky insects that might wander across it.

Case Lube pad

If you still prefer to lube your cases on a rolling pad (there are easier methods in this Editor’s opinion), you should check this product out. The new SmartReloader Case Lube Unit costs just $12.99 at, item VBSR01702.

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