January 12th, 2010

Litz Adds Metric/MILs Options to MOBALL Ballistics Computer

Bryan Litz, a skilled long-range shooter and ballistician for Berger Bullets, has created a “deployable” ballistics computer, MOBALL, based on the versatile Texas Instruments Voyage 200 graphing calculator. The MOBALL unit lets shooters input a wide variety of environmental variables. It delivers very precise ballistics solutions, and can run for months on a set of ordinary AAA batteries.

MOBALL ballistics calculator
CLICK HERE for full description of MOBALL Ballistics Calculator.

When Bryan released the MOBALL unit late last year, it was set up to use English system measurements for most of its functions. That worked great for most users, but some shooters with mildot scopes wanted the ability to use Mils and meters instead of MOA and yards. Well, Bryan listened to these requests — he’s upgraded the MOBAL to provide metric range inputs and both metric and Mil drop outputs as an option.

Bryan tells us: “I’ve added the option to use meters/MILS in MOBALL. After consulting with several shooters who requested metric, it turns out that most of them didn’t want complete metric (caliber in mm, bullet weight in grams, temp in Celsius, etc) but only the range and drop in meters and MILS. So, I’ve updated the program functions accordingly. MOBALL has been upgraded to accept range in meters (as well as yards) and output drop in cm and MILS (as well as inches and MOA).”

The MOBALL Unit Retails for $290.00 and is available from AppliedBallisticsLLC.com.

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