March 2nd, 2011

NRA Rule Now Permits Scoped Service Rifles at High Power Championships

A new NRA rule now permits shooters with scope-equipped M1, M1A, and AR-platform rifles to compete in Service Rifle matches at the National Championships. As of January 1, 2011, under NRA Rule 3.1(f), as amended, scoped service rifles are allowed: “Same as Service Rifle Rule 3.1 (a) through (d) except there is no restriction as to sights”. This gives you a chance to compete with your AR or M1A in the largest rifle match in America, even if you don’t shoot iron sights. Scoped service rifles, presumably, will be scored in a separate classification. We have learned that the scoped ARs will be placed in a subcategory for Tactical Match Rifles with Optics.

High Power Optical Sights

Starting this year at the High Power Rifle Championships in Camp Perry, Ohio, Service Rifle competitors who wish to use optical sights can now compete in a Special Award Category within Match 401. For those using an AR platform rifle, you’ll be part of the Tactical Match Rifle with Optical Sights Special Awards Category within Match 402.

“Our hope is to get more people out to local ranges and the National Championships with their scope-equipped ARs”, said Competitive Shooting Division Director Mike Krei. “More than two million AR platforms have been sold and we would like to see these gun owners come out and compete.” It is unclear how this rule change will affect local or regional High Power matches. Some folks have suggested that most local High Power Service Rifle matches will still be limited to iron-sights rifles unless the course of fire expressly allows for optical sights.

Story based on report by Lars Dalseide, Courtesy the NRA Blog.

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