March 18th, 2011

Zeiss Range-Finding Binoculars (with Ballistic Compensation)

Zeiss Victory RF Binoculars recently received the 2010 Sporting Classics Award of Excellence. The Zeiss Victory 8×45 and 10×45 T* RF Binoculars, the world’s first premium binoculars with rangefinding capability, LED display and integrated BIS™ ballistic calculator, were described by Sporting Classics magazine as “the finest example of an integrated binocular and laser rangefinder yet manufactured.” While other binoculars, most notably the Leica GeoVid, have a built-in laser rangefinders, only the Zeiss Victory RF Binoculars provide a built-in Ballistics solver.

Here’s more of what the testers at Sporting Classics had to say: “The RF eliminates the hassles of carrying two separate units, especially the all-too-familiar struggles when switching between them in excitable moments……. In our tests, the RF outperformed all rivals in ease of operation, speed, distance, accuracy and optical quality…….Best of all, resolution, contrast, flare control and overall optical quality showcase Zeiss’s commitment to impeccable performance.”

In a review of the Zeiss RF Binocular for his website, Len Backus writes: “I was able to show the Zeiss Victory RF 10×45 Rangefinder Binocular unit to several other hunters. Without exception, the first comment was always to marvel at the speed with which the unit returned a range. Only one touch of the main control button is needed. The hunters also liked the ergonomics. The focus wheel turns easily, but not too easily, and it is well located. [The] two control buttons are located well and the unit has a good, solid feel to it. The glass is superb. I thought it was slightly better than that of my Swarovski 10×42 SLC binoculars. Edge to edge sharpness was very good.”

Available in 8×45, 10×45, 8×56 and 10×56, the Victory RF Binoculars have also been recognized by National Geographic Adventure magazine, Outdoor Life and Gray’s Sporting Journal.

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