September 13th, 2011

Nightforce News: CH-Reticle Benchrest Scopes Availability

Nightforce scopes CH Reticles

Distribution of CH-Reticle Benchrest Scopes Will Be Limited
If you’re looking for a Nightforce 12-42×56 Benchrest model scope with a CH-series reticle, you may want to act soon. Nightforce is reducing production of these models and the limited runs will be strictly earmarked for Nightforce’s most active dealers. (NF Benchrest scopes with other reticle choices will continue to be widely available). Nightforce’s CH (i.e. cross-hair) reticles, are offered in three versions: CH-1 (fine cross-hair), CH-2 (fine cross-hair with 0.2 MOA inscribed dot), and CH-3 (fine cross-hair with 0.2 MOA “floating” dot). The CH reticles have always been popular with benchresters, as they provide an unobstructed view of mirage and windflags. The CH-2 reticle has been used by the USAMU for long-range and High Power competition. The CH-3 includes an open area around the 0.2 MOA dot, which makes the dot easier to see on dark backgrounds. On the CH-3, only the dot can be illuminated.

Nightforce scopes CH Reticles

Where to Find Nightforce BR Models with CH Reticles
The CH-series reticles are no longer offered in the lower-power 8-32×56 BR model at all. If you want a CH reticle in a NF Benchrest scope, you’ll need to order the 12-42×56 scope. AND, you’ll now need to order from a major stocking dealer. currently has one of the largest inventories of 12-42×56 BR Nightforce scopes with CH Reticles — it has about 50 of these CH reticle Benchrest scopes in stock. To order, call (570) 220-3159, ask for Jason Baney and mention that you heard about these CH reticle scopes through the Daily Bulletin. Jason will make sure you get the right CH reticle version at the best possible price. Another large stocking dealer of Nightforce scopes is D&B Supply, found on the web at

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