August 12th, 2012

Five Shooters in Long-Range Championship Tied on Points

Moving into the second day of the Long-Range National Championships, five shooters are clustered at the front with equal scores of 598 points. Leading the way, based on X-count, is our friend and Forum member John Whidden (598-36X). Just three Xs back with 598-33X is Bryan Litz, Berger’s Chief Bullet Designer and Ballistician. We’re pleased to see Forum member John Friguglietti, aka Mudcat, ranked fourth. Among the top ten, in the preliminary standings, are shooters from international squads. It’s good to see foreign competitors on the firing line at Perry this year.

John Whidden

It’s no surprise that John Whidden is leading the way. He’s won the Long Range Championship before, and he finished in second place last year. In the past John has campaigned a .243 Winchester in the Long-Range Nationals. This chambering has a reputation for short barrel life, but as John explained: “When the National Championship’s at stake, I can afford to use a fresh barrel for the match. If the .243 offers the right combination of accuracy, low recoil, and performance in the wind, I’m not that concerned about barrel life.”

Watch Slide Show from Long Range Championship

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