August 3rd, 2012

National Trophy Infantry Team Match Today at Camp Perry

National Trophy Team MatchThe National Trophy Infantry Team Match was held today at Camp Perry. Congratulations to the USAMU Team Praslick, which won the match with a final score of 1366. Members of the winning squad are: SSG Tyrel Cooper, SPC Augustus Dunfey, SSG Brandon Green, SFC Joel Micholick, SFC Daniel Peters, SFC Grant Singley, SFC Jeremy Mangione (Team Captain), and SFC Emil Praslick (Team Coach).

The Infantry Match is a unique, rapid-fire team event. 56 teams, each with six firing members, shoot the Infantry Course of Fire. A team coach and team captain are also permitted on the firing line while their team members are firing. Each team is permitted a total of 384 rounds to allocate among their team members. Firing starts at 600 yards in prone for 50 seconds. If teams have ammunition left after the 600, teams proceed to 500 yards (prone, sitting or kneeling in 50 seconds). Teams continue to move forward (300 yards – sitting or kneeling in 50 seconds, and then 200 yards – standing in 50 seconds) until all ammunition is fired. CLICK HERE to see scores and standings when they are tabulated.

Watch Infantry Team Match from Friday Morning, August 3, 2012

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