August 26th, 2013

Americans Adams and Taylor Crowned F-Class World Champions

F-class world championship Kenny AdamsCongratulations to American shooters Kenny Adams (F-Open) and Nikolas Taylor (F-TR), newly crowned F-Class World Champions.

The Individual half of the F-Class World Championships (FCWC) has concluded and Americans dominated the Top Ten Standings in both classes (see Agg Charts below). Conditions were very difficult on both days of the competition, which included a thunderstorm on Day One. On Day Two, winds were switchy with velocities that seemed to change by the minute. The men and women who performed well in these conditions certainly deserved their trophies.

As F-Open Champ Kenny Adams told us: “You might look at the scores and think it was easy. But actually conditions were very, very challenging. And with the quality of this field, if you dropped just one point you could fall way down in the standings.”

F-Open World Champion Kenny Adams Talks About His Hard-Fought Victory

Kenny won the F-Open Title is an tough battle with Australian shooter Marty Lobert that went down to the wire on Sunday. Both men finished with identical scores of 466, but Adams had the edge in V-Count, 51 Vs compared to 43 Vs for Lobert. We talked with Marty after the match, and he told us: “It was tight, but Kenny deserved the win — eight more Vs.” Still Marty said that a tight finish like this causes one to think about the “what ifs”: “Losing on Vs — well it makes you think — what if I got one more point in that first relay on Day One, what if I’d held off a little further on just one shot.”

Kenny Adams Martin Lobert F-Open 2013 World Championship

Nikolas Taylor Wins F-TR Championship, Simmonds Second, Buell Third
In F-TR Class, Nikolas Taylor (450-33V) edged the UK’s Russell Simmonds (449-31V) by one point. Simmonds, a past F-TR world champion, shot great on Sunday, picking up five points on Taylor, but that left Russell just one point short. Taylor had built a six-point margin over Simmonds on Day One, and that was enough to secure the victory. F-TR Team USA shooter Darrell Buell finished third with a 445-29V score.

F-TR F T/R world championships

FCWC — Two-Day Grand Aggregate, F-Open and F-TR
FCWC Individual Results August 24 — F-Open and F-TR
FCWC Individual Results August 25 — F-Open and F-TR

Competitor | DAY-1 | DAY-2 | GRAND AGG

KENNY ADAMS: 221-26V 245-25V 466-51V — World Champion
MARTIN LOBERT: 222-17V 244-26V 466-43V
BOB MEAD: 222-24V 243-29V 465-53V
HERBERT EDWARDS: 220-27V 244-19V 464-46V
KEN DICKERMAN: 216-20V 245-29V 461-49V
FREDDY HALTOM: 216-20V 245-26V 461-46V
ALAN FRASER: 214-17V 246-28V 46-45V
BOB SEBOLD: 220-18V 239-22V 459-40V
WILLIAM WITTMAN: 217-15V 242-19V 459-34V
DON NAGEL: 217-13V 242-19V 459-32V

Competitor | DAY-1 | DAY-2 | GRAND AGG

NIKOLAS TAYLOR: 221-18V 229-15V 450-33V – World Champion
RUSSELL SIMMONDS: 215-16V 234-15V 449-31V
DARRELL BUELL: 214-14V 231-15V 445-29V
HILIP KELLEY: 210-11V 235-17V 445-28V
JAMES CROFTS: 215-19V 228-12V 443-31V
BRAD SAUVE: 208-14V 233-15V 441-29V
TRUDIE FAY 215-16V 226-10V 441-26V
KEVIN CHOU: 208 9V 233 11V 441 20V
DEREK RODGERS: 215-12V 226-8V 441-20V
DARYL BARLOW: 207-9V 232-11V 439-20V

F-Open Silver Medalist Talks About the .284 Winchester

F-Class world championship

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