August 27th, 2013

GunsAmerica Tests New .17 Win Super Magnum in Savage

.17 17 winchester super magnum wsm super mag rimfire savage b-magMonths ago, we reported on the new, .17 Winchester Super Magnum (Win Super Mag or WSM) rimfire cartridge. Able to drive a 20gr bullet over 3000 fps, this new .17 Win Super Mag raises the bar for rimfire cartridges. The .17 WSM shoots faster, flies flatter, and bucks the wind better than a .17 HMR.

Sounds good right? Well the only problem is that .17 Win Super Mag cartridges (and a rifle that could shoot them) have been virtually impossible to obtain. In January, Savage unveiled its new B-Mag rifle chambered for the .17 Win Super Mag, but there were delays getting the gun into production.

GunsAmerica Tests .17 Win Super Mag
At last, after many months, the B-mag rifle is ready, and .17 Win Super Mag rimfire ammo is starting to hit dealer’s shelves. GunsAmerica managed to score some .17 WSM rimfire ammo, borrow a B-Mag rifle, and test the new cartridge at the range. GunsAmerica has published its findings in a detailed review on the GunsAmerica Blog.

CLICK HERE for .17 Win Super Mag Rimfire Field Test Report

GunsAmerica Says New 17-Cal Rimfire Cartridge Is Promising:

“Savage sent us this test rifle over two months ago, but we had no ammo, so like everyone else, we waited. Finally, as you can see from these tests, the ammo has started to trickle out. Several of our dealers have reported that they have gotten 40 box orders in (and quickly out) the door, and this ammo you see here was purchased retail at Bass Pro in Hollywood, Florida. We were only able to get the 2600 fps 25 grain load, but it is still a rip-roaring monster for a rimfire, and the accuracy is acceptable, (though not fabulous for a Savage).

The Savage “B-Mag” rifle is currently the only gun for the cartridge, and it carries an MSRP of $349.00. As a first effort on a new and revolutionary rimfire, the B-Mag performed well, and the cartridge looks to have great potential.

The .17WSM is not just a hotter .17HMR. It is a different, and much larger case entirely. Winchester based it on a .27 caliber blank made for industrial nail guns used for cement nails…. They beefed up the case by doubling the wall thickness and added extra meat to the top.”

Photos from GunsAmerica Blog, All Rights Reserved.

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