August 1st, 2013

Louisiana Sales Tax Holiday for Guns, Ammo, and Hunting Gear

Louisiana has adopted a program we’d like to see state governments copy nationwide. From September 6th through 8th, 2013, Louisiana shoppers can buy guns, ammo, and hunting supplies without paying a penny of sales tax. The Sales Tax Holiday is authorized by a Louisiana statute that waives gun-related sales and use taxes each year on the first Friday through Sunday in September.

Now that’s a “stimulus program” all firearms owners can support. Don’t you wish your state had a similar Second Amendment tax holiday?

The sales tax holiday takes place Friday, September 6, through Sunday, September 8, pursuant to the Louisiana Second Amendment Weekend Holiday Act. This law provides a three-day exemption from state and local sales and use taxes on consumer purchases of firearms, ammunition, and hunting supplies. Tax-free items include: Guns, Ammunition, Game feed and Decoys, Camo Gear, Hunting Safety Gear, Knives, Bows, Arrows, Boats and Off-Road Vehicles. Get more information at Louisiana’s Department of Revenue Website.

Learn More About Louisiana’s Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday

Business Purchases Still Taxed
During Louisiana’s Sales Tax Holiday weekend, the sales and use tax levied by the state and its political subdivisions shall not apply to any consumer purchases (by individuals) of firearms, ammunition and hunting supplies. However, sales and use taxes will still be due on business purchases of guns and ammo. Also sales tax will still apply to sales of animals used for hunting purposes .

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