August 22nd, 2013

Match Report: F-Open and F-TR National Team Championships

Wednesday was Team Day at the U.S. F-Class Championships. There were 27 four-member F-Open Teams plus 19 four-member F-TR teams. Many teams were composed of foreign shooters who are tuning up for the upcoming F-Class World Championships which kicks off at Raton on Friday. Team competition was fierce, but when the dust settled, two squads emerged victorious, USA F-Open Team 4, and the U.S. F-TR Team 3.

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F-Class Nationals Raton Balolia Bartholome Championships
USA F-Open Team 4: Robert Bock, Trudie Fay (Coach), Larry Bartholome (front row); Shiraz Balolia (Captain), Emil Kovan (back row).

F-Open Team USA #4 Captain Shiraz Balolia reports: “We won the first match, lost the second to Australia and won the overall Aggregate Championship (total of both matches). We were knocking on the door of a new National record on the first relay, having the same score, but a few less Xs. One more point would have set a record. We took the Gold Medal in the first match, and Bronze in the second match.” Team USA #4 finished with a 1570-62X total, four points ahead of second-place F-Open Team USA #3 (1566-66X). Shiraz praised team #4 coach Trudie Fay and his fellow team shooters Larry Bartholome, Robert Bock, and Emil Kovan. Shiraz joked: “Maybe it was Trudie’s glow-in-the-dark Crocs that gave us the winning edge.”

USA Team 3 Wins F-TR Championship, Aussie Team Second
The USA F-TR Team 3, under Captain Mid Tompkins and coach Steve Cunico, powered out an impressive victory, finishing with 1536-44X, six points ahead of the runner-up Team Australia Gold squad. USA F-TR Team 3 shooters Lane Buxton, John Chilton, Laura Perry, and Paul Phillips all turned in great performances lead by Lane Buxton’s 388-6X total.

USA F-TR Team 3 National Champions

F-Open Team Championship

1. USA F-Open Team 4, Total 1570-62X

2. USA F-Open Team 3, Total 1566-66X

3. Team Australia #1 F-Open Gold, Total 1566-52X

4. Team Spindle Shooters, Total 1561-47X

5. USA F-Open Team 1, Total 1560-55X

F-TR Team Championship

1. U.S. F-TR Team 3, Total 1536-44X

2. Team Australia G-TR Gold, Total 1530-40X

3. U.S. F-TR Team 4, Total 1525-51X

4. Michigan F-TR Team, Total 1521-30X

5. Canada F-TR ‘White’ Team, Total 1518-39X

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