August 23rd, 2013

Top Shot Champ Demonstrates Long-Range Tomahawk Accuracy

Here’s a remarkable feat of accuracy. But this “trick shot” is not made with a rifle — it’s performed with a Tomahawk. Top Shot Season 3 Champion Dustin Ellermann shows off his “Tomahawk Sniper” skills by hitting a target at 60 feet. Flying over that distance, the Cold Steel Norse Hawk makes five full rotations before hitting the wood target. Dustin’s first throw planted solidly in the wood. That was impressive enough. But Dustin’s second throw hits dead-center, bursting the blue balloon. Ellermann’s tomahawk-tossing skills are impressive, but we do wonder what the Ballistic Coefficient (BC) of that spinning long-handled ‘hawk would be. Watch the video — we bet you’ll enjoy this.

Cold Steel Norse Hawk Tomahawk

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