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December 16th, 2020

Nielsen-Kellerman (Kestrel) Acquires MagnetoSpeed LLC

Nielsen-Kellerman buys acquires Magnetospeed LLC chrono chronographs Kestrel Ballistic LiNK

Nielsen-Kellerman, Inc. (NK) is acquiring the assets of MagnetoSpeed, LLC, leading manufacturer of barrel-mounted electromagnetic chronographs and other shooting accessories. MagnetoSpeed will join Kestrel Ballistics in NK’s Ballistics Division. With Kestrel and now MagnetoSpeed, NK has two very important product lines for precision shooters and competitors. And yes, NK anticipates that, in the near future, new software engineering will allow MagnetoSpeed chronos to communicate with Kestrels to provide faster ballistic solutions. NK CEO Alix James stated: “…We see exciting opportunities to improve the function of the chronograph line by connecting the chronographs directly to Kestrel Ballistics Weather Meters with Kestrel LiNK. The MagnetoSpeed founders are brilliant engineers and we are grateful for the opportunity to build upon their design innovations.”

NK CEO James added: “The MagnetoSpeed acquisition is a win for our companies, our customers, and the shooting community as a whole. The MagnetoSpeed brand is known for accuracy, durability, and innovation. This aligns with our commitment to producing extremely accurate, rugged, purpose-built ballistics tools for improving long-range precision and shooting performance. The move…supports NK’s commitment to expanding its offerings to the shooting, hunting, and outdoor users.”

NOTE: NK Ballistics Division will host a combined Kestrel/MagnetoSpeed Virtual Class training session on 12/23/2020. CLICK HERE to Register.

Nielsen-Kellerman Announces Acquisition of MagnetoSpeed LLC

The founders of MagnetoSpeed are proud their company is teaming with NK and Kestrel: “Ten years ago, three young engineers from Texas began work on a new kind of chronograph. It began with a crude prototype, but with the support of the shooting community, we were able to bootstrap those humble beginnings into a successful company[.] We see a great opportunity with Kestrel’s Ballistic division to take our products to the next level and to develop amazing new ones.”

Magnetospeed Nielsen-Kellerman Kestrel Ballistics

MagnetoSpeed Product Line OverView

MagnetoSpeed has been manufacturing rugged chronographs, target hit indicators, and barrel coolers since 2013. The company’s signature V3 and Sporter barrel-mounted ballistic chronographs use patented electromagnetic sensors to measure bullet velocity with extreme precision and reliability. Other MagnetoSpeed products include the T1000 Hit Indicator, and the Riflekühl chamber flag + barrel cooler.

Magnetospeed Nielsen-Kellerman Kestrel Ballistics

With a MagnetoSpeed barrel-mounted chrono you can quickly and easily record muzzle velocity (MV) without having to set up tripods or walk down-range. The compact MagnetoSpeed chronos are easy to set up and transport. With the full-featured V3 model, everything you need comes in a small fitted case. In the top photo are the components used with the MagnetoSpeed V3 Kit:

1. V3 Bayonet sensor
2. Display and control unit
3. Bayonet spacers (plastic and rubber)
4. Cords and mounting hardware (left), suppressor heat shield (right)
5. Alignment rod (square cross-section)
6. Rail adapter (sold separately)

If you are on a tighter budget, the MagnetoSpeed Sporter is a great option. This unit works on most rifles and offers the same reliable speed-measuring technology as the V3 model, but with fewer options and different display. Available for just $179.00 on Amazon, the MagnetoSpeed Sporter is perhaps the best value in chronographs on the market today.

Nielsen-Kellerman buys acquires Magnetospeed LLC chrono chronographs Kestrel Ballistic LiNK

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December 16th, 2020

Good Reloading Powders Currently In-Stock Now at Brownells

brownells powder in stock vihtavuori winchester hodgdon accurate christmas

DATE of this REPORT is DECEMBER 16, 2020.

Times are tough right now for hand-loaders. It is hard to find reloading components, particularly powder and primers. Thankfully, Brownells has made it easier for folks to find available powders without going through hundreds of searches resulting in “0ut of Stock” results. Just visit Brownell’s IN-STOCK Powder Page to see all reloading propellants currently available. This can save you much time and effort.

Brownells has two dozen major-brand powders IN STOCK today, including excellent, popular propellants from Vihtavuori, Hodgdon, and Winchester. Vihtavuori propellants such as N140 and N550 have a proven track record in competition and are popular with benchrest and F-Class shooter. As of today, 12/16/2020, here are 16 powders IN STOCK and available at There are at least eight more powders in stock. But act quickly — these may sell out very soon. CLICK HERE for ALL in-stock powders.

CLICK PHOTOs to go to IN STOCK Powder Sales Page

brownells powder in stock vihtavuori winchester hodgdon accurate christmas

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December 16th, 2020

Self-Defense Skills — Important Advice for Concealed Pistol Carry

Handgun pistol concealed carry Julie Golob
Main photo from

With the civil unrest happening around the country in Democrat-run cities, more citizens are getting CCW permits and carrying self-defense pistols. With the right to carry come responsibilities of course. You should train with your pistol, and always practice gun safety. In this article, S&W pro shooter Julie Golob offers advice for concealed pistol carry.

Our friend Julie hosts a series of handgun instructional videos for Shooting USA. While Julie uses pistols mostly for competition, this U.S. Army veteran also values handguns for self-defense. In this video series, Julie first talks about important gun safety rules, then she offers training advice for persons who carry concealed handguns. The third video covers options for carry a weapon “off-body”, i.e. not in a normal holster on concealment rig on one’s person.

1. GUN SAFETY — Whether you own 1 gun or 100, gun safety must always be your main priority. Here Smith & Wesson Team Captain Julie Golob covers the basics of gun safety.

2. PRACTICE for CONCEALED CARRY — Engaging a threat from concealment could be the most important skill of your life and it takes practice to be proficient. In this video, S&W’s Julie Golob demonstrates some practice drills for concealed carry.

3. OFF-BODY CONCEALED CARRY OPTIONS — There are instances where carrying a concealed weapon on your body in a holster (or deep cover pouch) is not always practical. Here Julie explains various techniques to carrying a concealed handgun “Off Body”.

Julie Golob

Julie — pistol champion, Army veteran, wife and mother, is also an accomplished author, who has written about the shooting sports in many shooting publications, newswires, and internet blogs. Her book, Shoot: Your Guide to Shooting and Competition, serves as both an introduction to firearms for novices and a primer to help experienced shooters improve their skills.

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