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December 23rd, 2020

FREE Online Emergency Trauma Response Training Course

Mountain Man Medical emergency trauma online course education video series

Every firearms owner should have some basic first-aid/trauma training. Sadly, bad things CAN happen at the range, even if that’s just a blown primer, or a richochet off a metal target that sends shards back at the shooter. That’s why all shooters should always wear ear and ear protection, and be PREPARED for situations requiring emergency first aid.

Mountain Man Medical emergency trauma online course education video seriesThankfully, there is a way shooters can get emergency trauma training for FREE. The folks at Mountain Man Medical offer a FREE Emergency Trauma Course. This 100% FREE online course, entitled “Emergency Trauma Response” (ETR), consists of a 13-module training program conducted via a series of web-hosted videos. It can benefit anyone who wishes to be better prepared for traumatic medical emergencies.

Mountain Man Medical emergency trauma online course education video series

Online Course Description — Module Subjects
“Emergency Trauma Response” (ETR) is a comprehensive training program for to help person become better prepared to deal with massive trauma. Building off the popular “Stop The Bleed” program, the online ETR course goes above and beyond to ensure the student has the practical knowledge to use emergency products and gear when dealing with a wide variety trauma emergencies. Of course, in any serious emergency, professional medical assistance (EMTs and First Responders) should be summoned immediately whenever that is feasible.

The Mountain Man Medical ETR Course Features 13 Modules:

1. Trauma Medicine and Combat Mindset
2. The Gear Of A Medic
3. Vital Signs and Anatomy
4. Intro to MARCH
5. Massive Hemorrhage
6. Airway
7. Respirations

8. Circulation
9. Hypothermia and Head Trauma
10. Reassessment
11. Other Injury Types
12. Practical Tourniquet Exercises/Solutions
13. Your Role As A Medic

As a side note, this Editor’s brother was a U.S. Army combat medic in Viet Nam. He received months of special training before being deployed. He told me this online ETR course provides valuable information, but one should always summon qualified medical professionals when presented with serious trauma. But when that is not possible, immediate on-the-spot correct assistance can save lives or prevent further injury.

Credit the Guns America Digest for finding this valuable online training resource.
Mountain Man Medical emergency trauma online course education video series

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December 23rd, 2020

SHOT Show On Demand — Online Seminars and Training

Shot show 2021 on demand virtual seminar online education

There will be no actual SHOT Show in Las Vegas next month — the huge trade show was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) will offer an online learning experience, which it calls SHOT Show On Demand. Registration has just opened for SHOT Show’s “On Demand” offerings: SHOT University, Retailer Seminars, and Import/Export Webinar Series. These commence with Import/Export sessions on January 11, and conclude with a final Retailer Seminar on January 29, 2021.

Highlights of the 24 On-demand sessions for retailers and range owners will include:

Insurance for Shooting Sports Industry Ranges, Retailers, and Distributers

Firearms Ownership & Expansion in a growing American Demographic

The All-New Form 4473: You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Setting Your Range up for Success with First Time Shooters

Social Media Masterclass as a Team

2021 Annual ATF & NICS Townhall

The full lineup of available 2021 SHOT Show online education sessions can be viewed at The Import/Export series (four live sessions) takes place Jan. 11-14. SHOT University (six live and two prerecorded sessions) takes place Jan. 18-20, while the 12 all-live Retailer Seminars take place Jan. 21-29. Registration for SHOT University, which includes all eight sessions, is just $265 for NSSF members. Retailer Seminars are available for $25 each to NSSF members, $50 each to non-members.

Here are the SHOT University offerings scheduled for January 18-20, 2021:

Shot show 2021 on demand virtual seminar online education

Session Recordings for Later Viewing:
For those who can’t attend the sessions at their scheduled times, recordings of all educational sessions will also be provided, which can be accessed at any time with your paid registration.

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December 23rd, 2020

Buchanan Hand Reloading Press — High Quality, Unique Design

Buchanan Hand Press reloading level-action portable sizing die lee

Our friend Gavin Gear of has tested the nicely-crafted Buchanan Hand Press. This symmetrical, twin-lever tool can handle pretty much any sizing and/or seating task as it offers plenty of leverage — even for full-length case resizing. Crafted by Buchanan Precision Machine, this Hand Press has a central mount for the die on top with a conventional shell-holder at the bottom. There is a handy spent primer catcher, plus an optional Lock-N-Load die insert adapter (Top Plate). This press is well-built, but the $250.00 price is steep. There is also a basic version without upper plate for $200.00, but even then you could buy FOUR Lee Hand Presses for the cost of a Buchanan.

You can see how this press works in this UltimateReloader video. Gavin demonstrates all the key functions, including decapping, sizing, and bullet seating. You can see that Gavin was impressed with this hand press, which is well-suited for loading at the range:

Gavin explains that the modern Buchanan Hand Press is based on a previous design: “This press is an evolution of an old press that has been out of production for years: the Huntington Industries Decker Hand Press. While it shares some of the basic design features, the Buchanan Precision Machine Hand Reloading Press takes quality and functionality to the next level. This press accepts standard shell holders, uses standard 7/8×14 dies (or dies with Hornady Lock-N-Load bushings as I showed in the above video), and has a COL capacity of 3 3/4″. Need to load 30-06 away from the bench? No problem, this press can handle it. Unlike other hand presses, this one stands by itself on a flat/level surface, and can be clamped to a bench in order to stay in one spot.”

Buchanan Hand Press reloading level-action portable sizing die lee

For more details, check out the full Buchanan Precision Hand Press Review on

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