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December 20th, 2020

Sunday GunDay: Precision Rifles — PRS/NRL Rig Showcase

PRS NRL precision rifle showcase GAP Defiance 6mm Creedmoor Manners stocks
PRS/NRL precision rifle of Forum member D.Stone.

This Sunday GunDay article showcases multiple PRS/NRL tactical-type precision rifles. All these impressive rigs are featured in a long-running thread in our AccurateShooter Forum. In that thread, titled Post Pics of your PRS Match Rifles, you’ll find dozens of current PRS/NRL competition rigs. These feature a wide variety of actions, stocks, optics, muzzle devices, and support bags.

Many guys who posted photos of their PRS/NRL rifles also listed the rifles’ components, optics, triggers, and other accessories. If you are thinking about building a rifle for PRS/NRL competitions, or just for fun field-style shooting and varmint hunting, definitely delve into today’s Sunday GunDay story. You’ll find good suggestions about chambering, barrel contours, and optics choices. In addition, many of the photos feature bipods, tripods, and various support bags. This is a quick way to compare accessory components.

Matt’s Duo at the Range

Forum member “Matt_3479″ posted two of his tactical rifles during load development at the range. These two rigs are quite different. The upper rifle features a Defiance Deviant action with TriggerTech special in a Manners T5A Elite stock with Mini Chassis. The barrel is a 27″ Hell’s Canyon 1:9.5″-twist chambered for the .300 Norma. Matt says he is still working on his load tune, but the cartridge is able to drive 215gr bullets at 3150-3200 FPS.

PRS NRL precision rifle showcase GAP Defiance MPA Chassis stocks

The second rifle (below) boasts a Terminus Zeus action with TriggerTech Diamond trigger. The chassis is a Kinetic Research Group (KRG) Whiskey 3–Gen 6. The barrel is a 26″ K.S. Arms Ltd. 1:7″-twist chambered for the 25 Creedmoor cartridge. Matt says this 25 Creedmoor cartridge will drive 131gr bullets at 2890 FPS.

PRS NRL precision rifle showcase GAP Defiance MPA Chassis stocks

Wooley’s Wicked Accurate 6mm Creedmoor

This tack-driving 6mm Creedmoor from Forum member “Wooley” shows how accurate that cartridge can be with in a good rifle with a great barrel. This Nightforce-equipped rifle produced a 0.217″ 5-shot group with Hodgdon H4350 powder. Impressive!

PRS NRL precision rifle showcase GAP Defiance MPA Chassis stocks

Tactical .223 Ackley in Accuracy Int’l Chassis

This handsome tripod-mounted rig belongs to Forum member “Hoser”. This now features a Terminus action with barrel chambered for the .223 Ackley. Hoser is happy with his new 3-lug action: “Very happy with the switch to a 3-lug Terminus action, it feeds like butter. I have about 500-600 rounds on the action and it keeps getting smoother. I finally threw my Bighorn TL2 and 3 in the trash [due to crappy feeding] — a good call. Bighorn used to be such a top-shelf company too.”

PRS NRL precision rifle showcase GAP Defiance MPA Chassis stocks

MPA Comp Duo — Upgrades in Progress

These two rifles belong to Forum member “GoLong”. While they both feature MPA Comp chassis systems, if you look carefully, you’ll note that each has a different butt pad and grip. Owner Golong tells us he is planning some upgrades: “I am moving the gray chassis to a different action and going with an Accuracy Int’l AI AX chassis. I also ordered up a lateral-adjustable cheek piece and … a thinner butt pad from MPA. I am also moving from the MPA mounts for both of these and replacing them with SPUHR 4002s.”

PRS NRL precision rifle showcase GAP Defiance MPA Chassis stocks

Tactical Trio — 6.5 Creedmoor, 6mm Creedmoor, .223 Rem

Here are three rifles all belonging to Forum member “300 Whisper”. They are all fitted in Manners stocks. At left is a 6.5 Creedmoor with Defiance action. In the middle is a 6mm Creedmoor with Defiance action. And on the right is a .223 Rem with factory Tikka tactical barreled action. For middle rifle optics, 300 Whisper notes: “I am debating on putting on a DMRII or another SWFA HD on the 6CM.”

PRS NRL precision rifle showcase GAP Defiance 6mm Creedmoor Manners stocks

6.5 Creedmoor (left) — GAP built Defiance Deviant, Bartlein 24″ med Palma 1:8″-twist barrel, Manners T4A stock (mini chassis), Timney Calvin Elite trigger, metal cerakoted matte brown. Scope: SWFA HD Mil FFP.

6mm Creedmoor (middle) — Alpha Omega build Defiance Tenacity, Bartlein heavy Palma 26″ 1:8″-twist barrel, Manner T2A with Mini Chassis, TriggerTech trigger, Area 419 brake, metal Cerakoted matte black. Scope: Bushnell DMRII with G2 reticle Mil FFP.

.223 Rem — (right) Tikka Tac3 barreled action, varmint contour, 1:8″-twist, Timney trigger, Manners PRS1 stock with Mini Chassis and ARCA rail, Metal Cerakoted matte black, Surefire brake, Atlas bipod. Scope: Bushnell DMR mildot Mil FFP.

Pair of Rifles in Accuracy Int’l Stocks

Here is a nice pair of rifles belonging to Forum member “M16_4_Real”. The top rifle, in an AI AE MKII folding stock, has multiple barrel/chambering options: Gradous 6 Dasher, A-Team Precision 6 Dasher, Accurate Ordinance 6.5×47 Lapua, and Accurate Ordinance 6XC. The optic is a Premier Heritage 5-25x56mm Gen2 XR in Nigtforce UL Ti Rings. There are Area 419 Hellfire brakes on two of the barreld. The owner runs a Samb300 thumbrest plus 3D-printed data card mount. Ammo is held with a MDT 12-rd Dasher mag. The sandbag is a Waxed Canvas OG Game Changer Git Lite.

PRS NRL precision rifle showcase GAP Defiance 6mm Creedmoor Manners stocks

PRS NRL precision rifle showcase GAP Defiance 6mm Creedmoor Manners stocksThe lower rifle, in an AI AX chassis with Kelbly Atlas action, also has multiple variants: Kelbly 6 Dasher, Kelbly 6.5×47 Lapua, and PBB 6GT (new GAP cartridge). The Steiner T5Xi 5-25x56mm SCR optic rides in Nightforce UL TI rings. The 6.5 barrel has a PVA Jet Blast brake, while the 6mm barrels can use Area 419 Hellfires.

Other accessories include: MHA ARCA rail, Samb300 thumbrest, Hoptic USA 2-rd Quiver, Yow-Tech data card mount, and RDS E-Dope Card. The bags show are a SAP Lightweight rear bag, plus a Sticky Pint Size Game Changer Git Lite.

Tripod Details — Behind the two rifles is a high-tech Innorel RT90C Carbon Fiber Bowl Tripod equipped with Innorel BH-55 ball head, Bushnell Bino Mount, Kydex Timer Mount, Raush Tripod Hammock, and 6″x9″ clipboard. Gear on the tripod includes: German Precision Optics 10x50HD Binoculars, Kestrel 5700 Sportsman, and Amazon touch screen timer.

Rock Solid Chassis with Defiance Alpha 11 Action

This rig belongs to Forum member “Eric 32″. That chassis may not be familiar to many readers. It is a Rock Solid brand chassis, featuring MST vertical grip. As built by GA Precision, this rifle boasts a Defiance Alpha 11 action from Short Action Customs (SAC) with Huber 2-stage trigger. The barrel is a Bartlein 1:8″-twist chambered for 6XC and fitted with SPR barrel “bugnut” and Area 419 Hellfire brake. The Schmidt & Bender 5-26x56mm P4F scope rides in a Spuhr 4003 mount.

PRS NRL precision rifle showcase GAP Defiance 6mm Creedmoor Manners stocks
PRS NRL precision rifle showcase GAP Defiance 6mm Creedmoor Manners stocks

6mm Dasher in Manners TCS Stock

We don’t know much about this cool rifle, except that it is chambered for the ultra-accurate 6mm Dasher and the action sits in a Manners TCS Stock. Maybe the proud owner, Forum member “jsimonh”, can provide some details in the comments. We just like the camo paint scheme, great ergonomics/adjustability, and suppressor with matching camo cover.

PRS NRL precision rifle showcase GAP Defiance 6mm Creedmoor Manners stocks

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December 20th, 2020

Best-Selling Rifles and Handguns in the USA

gun broker top selling rifles pistols november 2020

Looking to acquire a handgun for personal protection or a rifle for hunting or home defense? There are countless options on the market. Your buying decision may be simplified by seeing what other consumers have chosen, as revealed by nationwide sales trends. You can now check firearms sales figures using “Gun Genius”, a new data-crunching service of On you can select any type of firearm (handgun, rifle, shotgun) and see the top sellers for that category.

Here we list the top-selling semi-auto pistols and revolvers for November 2020. Below that you will see the top 5 sellers among bolt action rifles and semi-auto rifles. Along with these four categories of firearms, has sales figures for lever-action rifles, single-shot rifles, and five different types of shotguns (semi-auto, pump, side-by-side, over-under, and single shot).

Here are the top-selling Pistols and Rifles in the USA last month:

gun broker top selling rifles pistols november 2020 gun broker top selling rifles pistols november 2020
gun broker top selling rifles pistols november 2020 gun broker top selling rifles pistols november 2020

Get Sales Rankings for Other Categories of Firearms
On, in addition to the categories above, you can chose lever-action rifles, single-shot rifles, semi-auto shotguns, pump shotguns, side-by-sides and more. You can also filter for sales trends (upwards and downwards). Drill down to see detailed product specifications and current prices.

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December 20th, 2020

Check for Bullet Tip Contact with Seating Die Stems

Seating Stem Glen Zediker

Clearance Check — Remove the seating stem and drop a bullet into it. The farther down the ogive or nose-cone the step recess grips the bullet, the better. If it’s only pressing down against the bullet tip, a crooked seat is assured, along with inconsistent seating depth. — Glen Zediker

Some folks acquire a new seating die and then are surprised to find their hand-loads show crooked bullets and/or inconsistent seating depth. The problem could be a mis-match between the bullet and the die’s seating stem. In some case, particularly with long, streamlined bullets, the bullet tip can actually touch the bottom inside of the stem. This can cause a variety of problems, as Glen Zediker explains…

Invest in a Good Seating Die
Reloading Tip by Glen Zediker
The bullet seating operation is the “last thing” that happens and it’s also the one thing that can corrupt the care and treatment given to the quality of the loaded round prior. A sleeve-style seater, well-machined, goes a whopping long ways toward preserving alignment, and, therefore, concentricity. Also make sure that the stem in yours comes to rest well down onto the bullet ogive, and, above all else, is not contacting the bullet tip! That will wreck a round.

If you have this problem, you should contact the die maker — some will offer a different seating stem expressly designed for longer, pointier bullets. This “long bullet stem” will normally drop right into your existing die. If you plan to run long, VLD-style bullets you should request the special seating stem right from the get-go.

NOTE: Glen Zediker passed away in October 2020. He will be missed — his books were important additions to the gun world’s knowledge base. This tip comes from Glen’s book, Top-Grade Ammo, available at Midsouth Shooters Supply.

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