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December 12th, 2020

High-PSI Portable Air Compressors for Air Rifles — Plus Pumps

umarex readyair compressor oilless portable 4500 psi air

Right now, with loaded ammunition and primers hard to find, many shooters are exploring air rifle options to enjoy target shooting and maintain their marksmanship skills. While air rifles don’t use powder and primers, there IS a propellant — compressed AIR, very highly compressed air. Some of the premium air rifles on the market now run at 4500 PSI. How do you get that kind of pressure safely? You need a very good air compressor, preferrably with smart technology to run to max without over-pressure risks. Thankfully, there are some very advanced air compressors on the market today, including a new ReadyAir “oilless” compressor from Umarex and the popular Air Venturi II portable sold by Pyramyd Air. Both electrically-powered units can safely fill airgun reservoirs up to 4500 PSI.

UMAREX ReadyAir Oilless Airgun Compressor

Umarex USA recently introduced a new oilless portable air compressor to fill high-pressure air guns. The innovative Umarex ReadyAir pump is a “smart device” with electronically-controlled fills up to 4500 PSI. It utilizes a patented oilless piston compression technology to fill PCP reservoirs up to a true 4500 PSI in a few minutes. The oilless design means less maintenance hassles.

umarex readyair compressor oilless portable 4500 psi air

“In a growing market of 3000 PSI and greater airguns, shooters need an easy, yet reliable and portable air source. The Umarex ReadyAir reliably fills … 4500 PSI airguns like that of our Umarex Hammer and other big game hunting air rifles in just minutes”, said Richard Turner, President of Umarex USA.

The oilless system is simple and requires less maintenance allowing shooters to spend more time shooting and less time maintaining their compressor. The ReadyAir is the only smart airgun compressor in its class engineered to be oilless AND control the extreme heat generated by the compression of air. Umarex claims “the heavy-duty quality components plus smart electronic governors increases its life expectancy and decreases maintenance while eliminating the need for liquid cooling or lubrication.”

umarex readyair compressor oilless portable 4500 psi air

The Umarex ReadyAir can run from standard 110-volt electrical outlets without an external converter box. Or it can run from a 12-volt vehicle battery with the included 8-foot battery cables. The ReadyAir can be electronically programmed to fill to any desired pressure up to 4500 PSI. It is managed by a smart on-board computer that automatically shuts the compressor off if the set running temperature is ever exceeded. It also features a compressed activated charcoal filter to prevent dirt and moisture from entering an airgun’s reservoir.

Oil-Free: Requires no oil or water
Smart Digital Auto-Shut-Off Control: Stops at your Set Pressure
Temp Protection: Smart Auto Shut Off prevents over-heating
Legitimately Fills to 4500 PSI
Electric: Use standard 110 volt or 12 volts with no external converter
Dual Language Capability: English / Spanish
High-Pressure Hose, Long 12 volt cables and 110 volt power cable included
Maintenance Kit Included

The portable Umarex ReadyAir has an attractive $549.99 MSRP, half the price of some other 4500 PSI compressors. (Order from Pyramyd Air for $529.99). Each ReadyAir includes the compressor unit with carry handle, 110V power cord, 12V battery clamp cable, and a high-pressure hose with quick connect fittings.

Air Venturi Nomad II Electric Air Compressor

Air Venturi Nomad II Compact

Another very good value in a 4500 PSI electric-powered air compressor, is the Air Venturi Nomad II 4500 PSI Portable PCP Compressor. Priced at $699.99, the Nomad II offers features and performance that could cost $1000.00 or more with other machines capable of quick air fills up to 4500 PSI. Weighing under 20 pounds, and sized just 10.6″ L x 8″ W x 7.9″, the fan-cooled Nomad II is truly a “portable” unit that even includes a travel bag and a converter so you can power this pump from your vehicle’s 12-volt battery. NOTE: This requires lubricant — you must use pure silicone oil with the Nomad II Compressor.

Pressures up to 4500 PSI
Integrated LED lights on underside of the unit for low light use
Capable of running off 110V or 220V outlet or 12V car battery
Fan-cooled power supply for electrical outlet use is built-in
External Lubrication Port (Use Silicone Lubricant only)
Hose with integrated moisture catch and female QD fittings
Noise level while running is 92 dB
Jumper cables included

Efficient High Pressure Hand Pumps

Have you ever wanted to shoot at a range or in the field where there is no electrical power and you don’t have a gas-fueled pump of some kind? There IS an human-powered way to fill your air rifles — if you’re willing to expend some energy.

Air rifle pneumatic hand pump umarex superfill

Air rifle pneumatic hand pump umarex superfillFor the money, we like the GX PCP 4500 PSI Hand Pump, $159.99 at Amazon (shown above). This well-designed pump features a 3.5 Stage high pressure fill function along with built-in Oil-Moisture Filters. The exclusive 3.5 Stage pump design compresses the maximum amount of air possible from each stroke. That means fewer strokes and less work to fill your air gun. The design also has a wide-spread base that keeps the unit nice and steady while you are pumping.

Umarex also offers a specialized hand pump rated for 4500 PSI — though a 3000 PSI fill is more common. The Umarex SuperFill High Pressure Hand Pump compresses the maximum amount of air possible from each stroke. About 150 strokes of the pump will fill a 13ci (200 cc) tank to 3000 PSI. For $49.99 you can add the patented Dry-Pac system that removes up to 90% of moisture in the compressed air. With this pump Umarex includes a female quick-disconnect fitting that threads onto the end of the hose. This SuperFill Hand Pump costs $179.99 from Umarex

In this video, Eydin Hansen explains how to use high-pressure hand pumps. The key is to use steady strokes both up and down. Use your body-weight on the down stroke, when there is the most resistance. Hansen also suggests pumping in stages — pump for 5 minutes, then let it cool down for 15. Them pump another 5. Hansen recommends keeping Keep your airgun’s cylinder topped off so that future pumping won’t require more than the one, 5-minute session. “Slow and steady wins the race”, says Hansen.

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December 12th, 2020

Amazing Accuracy from Australian .22 LR Rifle at 200 Yards

Australia Australian SSAA Rimfire smallbore .22 LR Fly Shoot 200 yard record group accuracy Canberra Australia Eley Tenex

What kind of accuracy do you think is possible from a rimfire benchrest rifle? If we said 0.44 MOA you might not be surprised, thinking this was at 50 yards. But how about 0.44 MOA accuracy at TWO HUNDRED yards. Now that’s impressive. Consider this — at 200 yards, a 10 mph crosswind will push that little 40gr bullet 15.3 inches. Here’s the story, which comes from the Land Down-Under, Australia.

A couple seasons back, Australian John Lavaring shot a group at 200 yards that would make most centerfire shooters proud. The five-shot group, with all shots in the center 10-ring, measured just 0.93 inches. That works out to 0.44 MOA at 200 — mighty impressive for a .22 LR. Recorded at a Rimfire Fly Shoot benchrest event in Canberra, Australia, this 200-yard target set two new Australian SSAA National records! John was using ELEY Tenex ammunition.

Congratulations to John Lavaring for a spectacular demonstration of how well a rimfire rig can shoot — even at 200 yards. We rarely shoot our .22 LR rifles past 50 meters. Maybe it’s time to start a Rimfire ELR series, with targets at 200 or even 300 yards. What do you think of the Rimfire ELR idea? Leave comments below.

Australia Australian SSAA Rimfire smallbore .22 LR Fly Shoot 200 yard record group accuracy Canberra Australia Eley TenexAnschutz 54 Benchrest Rig
The rifle was a Anschutz model 54 Match in a custom benchrest stock. John’s record-setting rig features a barrel block, which you can see forward of the action. Scope is a Bausch & Lomb BR model. We don’t have the round count on Lavaring’s barrel, but good rimfire benchrest rifles can often get 10,000 rounds (or more) of accurate life.

Rimfire Ballistics at 200 Yards
Some folks may be wondering about .22 LR ballistics at 200 yards. Well, with a 25-yard zero, the 200-yard drop for John’s 40gr Tenex ammo is 54 inches, assuming 0.145 G1 BC and 1085 fps muzzle velocity per ELEY website. And at 200 yards, a 10 mph crosswind will push that little bullet 15.3 inches! We’re told the winds were pretty tricky when Lavary shot his record group. This makes his achievement all the more impressive — we have to admire John’s wind-reading ability.

This ELEY ammo has proven to be exceptionally accurate. Here is a short video showing TEN rounds of Tenex shot from a machine rest with target at 50 meters.

Ten Rounds ELEY Tenex at 50 meters:

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December 12th, 2020

New MDT XRS Chassis Transforms CZ 457 Rimfire Rifles

CZ 457 MDT Chassis NRL22 tactical PRS

Are you thinking of getting into the NRL22 game next season, our would you just like to add a modern chassis-style rimfire rig to your rifle collection? Here is a cool new MDT chassis that can transform a basic CZ 457 .22 LR rifle into something much more modern and versatile. With this $499.95 MDT XRS Chassis system, you can build a very competitive NRL22 rig for under $1000.00 (before optics). Right now a basic CZ 457 rifle costs just $427.00 at Bud’s Gunshop, with heavy-barreled 457s $80-$120 more.

MDT Offers New CZ 457 Inlet for MDT XRS Chassis System
MDT now offers a CZ 457-inletted MDT XRS Chassis System. This modern modular aluminum chassis transforms a “plain Jane” CZ 457 into something that can really perform in rimfire tactical competitions. The XRS Chassis System provides adjustability and features that can benefit tactical shooters. The stock features adjustable cheekpiece and adjustable length of pull. The 12.12″ long fore-end comes with M-LOK slots built in for accessory mounting and attachment of ARCA or Picatinny rails. With a rail on the bottom you can slide your bipod fore and aft to adapt to various stage positions and supports.

Weighing in at 3.9 pounds, the XRS features an adjustable length-of-pull (via spacers) from 13.25″ to 15.0″. There is also a handy quick-adjust cheek piece. This affordable XRS chassis is a great upgrade for a basic CZ 457 .22 LR bolt-action rimfire rifle. The CZ 457 American, shown below. is under $470.00.

CZ 457 MDT Chassis NRL22 tactical PRS

Each XRS is constructed from a full-length, CNC-machined core of aircraft-grade aluminum with textured polymer outer panels (for durability and “feel”). The precision aluminum bedding system helps maximize the accuracy of the CZ 457 action. The XRS features a replaceable over-molded and textured grip system, with BOTH angled and vertical grips included with purchase.

CLICK HERE for more information on the MDT XRS Chassis System with a starting price of $499.95.

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