December 12th, 2020

New MDT XRS Chassis Transforms CZ 457 Rimfire Rifles

CZ 457 MDT Chassis NRL22 tactical PRS

Are you thinking of getting into the NRL22 game next season, our would you just like to add a modern chassis-style rimfire rig to your rifle collection? Here is a cool new MDT chassis that can transform a basic CZ 457 .22 LR rifle into something much more modern and versatile. With this $499.95 MDT XRS Chassis system, you can build a very competitive NRL22 rig for under $1000.00 (before optics). Right now a basic CZ 457 rifle costs just $427.00 at Bud’s Gunshop, with heavy-barreled 457s $80-$120 more.

MDT Offers New CZ 457 Inlet for MDT XRS Chassis System
MDT now offers a CZ 457-inletted MDT XRS Chassis System. This modern modular aluminum chassis transforms a “plain Jane” CZ 457 into something that can really perform in rimfire tactical competitions. The XRS Chassis System provides adjustability and features that can benefit tactical shooters. The stock features adjustable cheekpiece and adjustable length of pull. The 12.12″ long fore-end comes with M-LOK slots built in for accessory mounting and attachment of ARCA or Picatinny rails. With a rail on the bottom you can slide your bipod fore and aft to adapt to various stage positions and supports.

Weighing in at 3.9 pounds, the XRS features an adjustable length-of-pull (via spacers) from 13.25″ to 15.0″. There is also a handy quick-adjust cheek piece. This affordable XRS chassis is a great upgrade for a basic CZ 457 .22 LR bolt-action rimfire rifle. The CZ 457 American, shown below. is under $470.00.

CZ 457 MDT Chassis NRL22 tactical PRS

Each XRS is constructed from a full-length, CNC-machined core of aircraft-grade aluminum with textured polymer outer panels (for durability and “feel”). The precision aluminum bedding system helps maximize the accuracy of the CZ 457 action. The XRS features a replaceable over-molded and textured grip system, with BOTH angled and vertical grips included with purchase.

CLICK HERE for more information on the MDT XRS Chassis System with a starting price of $499.95.

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