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December 22nd, 2020

Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Gun Guys and Gals stocking stuffer tools

Christmas is just three days away, so today we’re featuring a dozen “stocking stuffers” for precision shooters. Some of these are innovative new products. Most are handy items that you’ll use over and over again at the range, and/or at your loading bench (so yes you’re allowed to buy them for yourself, even after Christmas).

B&T Industries BT62 Determinator

Group Size Measuring plate Determinator

The acrylic BT62 Determinator ($7.95) measures groups with laser-cut concentric measuring rings. Check group size quick and easy — simply place the Determinator over shot group. Adjust until one of the circles crosses the center of the two outer-most holes. That gives you the center to center group measurement (1.5″ maximum). Alternatively, you can measure edge to edge (of the farthest shots) and then subtract the bullet diameter. Cool tool for gun guys. The supplied lanyard also glows in the dark.

Amazon — Digital Display Timer with Big Buttons

display timer stocking stuffer sale

If you shoot in a discipline with time limits, or you time your firing strings during practice, having a reliable and easy-to-read timer is critical. We like this very affordable Digital Display Timer with both count-up and count-down functions. Just $12.95 on Amazon, this unit boasts an easy-to-read display and LARGE buttons making it perfect for F-Class, Palma, and other matches. This timer comes with both a built-in stand AND a strong magnet so you can position the timer conveniently.

Lyman — Powder Scale Pan and Case Funnel

lyman rcbs powder pan scale funnel loader

The Lyman Powder Pan/Funnel saves reloaders time by combining the powder-receiving pan and funnel into one unit. With this combo tool reloaders can pour powder directly into the case without having to fumble with a separate funnel. That’s smart and efficient. RCBS makes a similar powder pan/funnel ($6.99 on Amazon) with a slightly different case-neck section. You may want to try both to determine which works best for your cartridge brass.

Creedmoor Sports — BoreTech Rimfire Blend

Bore Tech rimfire blend cleaner solvent

With the shortages of powder and primers, many folks will be shooting more rimfire in 2021. While .22 LR rimfire rifles require less cleaning compared to centerfire rifles, you still need to maintain those rimfire barrels. We like Bore Tech’s Rimfire Blend Bore Cleaner, $13.95 at Creedmoor Sports. This specially-formulated, ammonia-free bore cleaner can simultaneously cut through the layers of lead, wax, and carbon fouling. NOTE: After use you may have to shoot quite a few rounds before best accuracy returns.

MagnetoSpeed — RifleKuhl Barrel Cooling Fan

Lyman Case Prep multi-tool

Cooling your barrel with a compact fan can extend barrel life. This bright red RifleKuhl from Magnetospeed is quite effective. The battery-powered impeller pushes cooling air down the barrel. It has a chamber seal for increased cooling efficiency while a neodymium magnet helps secure the device to your action. The RifleKuhl includes a belt/pocket clip and there is a Replaceable built-in 50 Micron air filter. The RifleKuhl costs $54.99 on Amazon.

Lyman Case Prep Multi-Tool with Internal Storage

Lyman Case Prep multi-tool

This handy Lyman Case Prep Multi-Tool can perform multiple task. On one end is an inside neck chamferer, with the outside chamferer/deburrer on the opposite end. Stored inside the tool are four (4) uniforming attachments for large and small primer pockets. This tool with all the attachments is $26.99 on Amazon with free shipping.

Creedmoor Sports — RWS Meisterkugeln Air Rifle Pellets

RWS Meisterkugeln Pellets 53g 4.50mm .177 caliber

Air rifle shooting is fun, inexpensive (air is still FREE), and can be done indoors in the winter. These RWS pellets are great for practice or sporter airgun competition. Relatively inexpensive, RWS Meisterkugeln pellets are very uniform and offer great performance for the price, $8.95 at Creedmoor Sports.

JKL Precision — LabRadar Recoil Pulse Trigger

labradar inertial recoil trigger

Frustrated with your LabRadar missing shots? With this $35 LabRadar Recoil Trigger you will be much happier — and you won’t get false readings from the guy on the next bench. This plug-in device activates the LabRadar from your rifle’s inertial recoil pulse. It will work with any rifle from a .22 LR up to the big magnums. NOTE: The inertial trigger is sensitive so a “phantom” reading may occur with hard bolt manipulation. However, our Forum members who use this trigger say it is is a great improvement, with no more LOST shots and LabRadar placement is no longer critical. One owner noted: “This unit works flawlessly. Didn’t miss a single shot, and allows you to place the LabRadar in pretty much any position.” Velcro attachment standard — Picatinny and magnetic mounts sold separately.

Amazon — GunMaster Flexible Bore Light

Compact Bore flexible Light

How many times have you gone to look into a barrel or dark corner of a gun only to find you just can’t see in there? You can easily solve this problem by picking up this GunMaster Flexible Bore Light for just $7.30 on Amazon. A bore light is a “must-have” item for handgun owners, and these are also handy for inspecting dies, rifle chambers, and tool interiors. Honestly for this price you should grab a couple so you have one in your range bag and another on your bench. The flexible cord makes this handy for actions without rear ports, such as the Ruger 10/22 and shotgun actions.

Wheeler Manual Trigger Pull Scale

Cabela's Multi-tool blank stocking stuffer

While we prefer a sensitive digital trigger pull gauge, it’s nice to have a manual back-up. And the Wheeler gauge is plenty accurate for pistols and most hunting rifles. The Wheeler trigger pull scale accurately measures trigger pull weight from 8 ounces to 8 pounds. It features an ergonomic handle for consistent direction of pull. The sliding indicator stays reliably on the maximum weight registered and high contrast pull weight increment marks are very easy to read. This spring-type trigger scale measures in 2-ounce increments and is accurate to +/- 2 ounces — plenty good for pistols and hunting rifles. Priced at just $17.49 on Amazon, this gauge has earned 90% four- or five-star owner reviews.

Cabela’s Multi-Tool (Various Colors)

Cabela's Multi-tool blank stocking stuffer

You won’t find a more versatile tool at this amazingly low price — just $5.99! The Cabela’s multi-tool performs many functions. It features flat-nose pliers, wire-stripper, knife, Phillips and flat-head screwdrivers, saw, bottle opener, and scissors. Nylon sheath included. This handy tool is available in size colors: Red, Green, Orange, Purple, Teal, and Silver. A nylon sheath is included.

Surveyor’s Tape (for Wind Indicators)

Surveyor's Surveyor Flagging Tape fluorescent day-glow wind flag

Always watch the wind when you shoot. Inexpensive ($2/roll), Day-Glo Surveyors’ Tape (aka “Flagging Tape”), attached to a stake or target frame, makes a good wind indicator. It will flutter even in mild breezes, alerting you to both angle and velocity shifts. This should be part of every range kit. Don’t leave home without it. Flag Tape can also be ordered from Creedmoor SportsK/a> for $3.95 per roll.

TACTICAL STOCKINGS for Your Stocking Stuffers

tactical molle christmas stocking

Don’t have a stocking for your small gift items? Then check out these cool Tactical Stockings. They come in three camo varieties plus OD Green and Black. They all feature 4 MOLLE attachments, rugged carry handle, hanging hook, outside draw pocket, and even Velcro USA Flag Patch. Get all this for the low price of $15.99 (solid colors) or $16.99 (Camo). These stockings are sure to bring smiles to your tacticool family members and friends.

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December 22nd, 2020

Sportsman’s Warehouse Acquisition by Great American Outdoors

Great American Outdoors group sportsman's warehouse cabela's bass pro hunting fishing acquisition stock purchase

The consolidation of the USA outdoor retail sector continues. The Great American Outdoors Group, which owns Cabela’s and Bass Pro, plans to purchase Sportsman’s Warehouse for $785,000,000 in cash. This means three of the biggest outdoor gear and shooting supplies vendors will all have the same parent company*. Great American (based in Missouri) will pay $18 a share for Sportsman’s Warehouse, a 42% premium over the stock price on 12/21/2020, and will remain private. The acquisition deal is expected to close in the second half of 2021. Sportsman’s Warehouse is currently based in West Jordan, Utah.

CLICK HERE for Sportsman’s Warehouse Buy-Out Press Release »

“The driving force behind the partnership is the two companies’ similar histories and highly complementary business philosophies and geographic footprints”, the companies said in a statement. “Both entities share a passion with their customers for fishing, camping, hunting, boating and other outdoor activities.”

American Outdoors said the acquisition will allow improved online ordering and faster product delivery, “by leveraging the combined company’s extensive network of distribution centers and stores[.]”

Great American Outdoors group sportsman's warehouse cabela's bass pro hunting fishing acquisition stock purchase

Will Gun Inventories Grow or Shrink? That Is Uncertain…
Will Sportman’s Warehouse continue to be a very good source for firearms and hunting gear, with attractive gun prices? That remains to be seen. The press release made no mention whatsoever of gun sales, though it did state that Cabela’s-brand hunting gear will be available. The company boasted about expanded product lines for fishing and boating:

Sportsman’s Warehouse customers can expect… widely expanded product offerings including:

Access to the world’s largest selection of premium fishing tackle including legendary Bass Pro Shops and other premier brands.

The largest selection of premium hunting gear including the iconic Cabela’s brand.

Sportsman’s Warehouse will be able to offer customers the world’s leading boat brands, side-by-sides and ATVs at money-saving prices.

Transaction Overview
The merger agreement was unanimously approved by the Sportsman’s Warehouse Board of Directors. The transaction, which is expected to close in the second half of 2021, will be completed through a cash merger and is subject to approval by Sportsman’s Warehouse’s shareholders, as well as regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions. The transaction is not subject to any financing condition. The entities will continue to operate independently until the transaction closes.

Great American Outdoors group sportsman's warehouse cabela's bass pro hunting fishing acquisition stock purchase

* Along with Bass Pro and Cabelas, The American Outdoors Group owns the White River Marine Group (boats/trailers) and a selection of outdoors resorts in the USA.

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December 22nd, 2020

Tactical Tip: Head and Scope Position for Prone Shooting

Scope head position prone shooting Ryan Cleckner long range shooting handbook

In this video, former Army Ranger sniper team leader Ryan Cleckner explains how proper head and scope position is a critical component to accurate shooting. Ryan finds that some shooters place the scope too far forward or too far rearward. If the scope is too far back you may have issues with eye relief and stock reach to shoulder. If it is too far forward, you may have cheek-weld problems or get neck strain. Cleckner cautions: “When you are in a good prone position, you don’t want any strain in your neck muscles or back.”

In the video, Cleckner offers a simple method to check your scope position:

“To see if your scope is set up properly … close your eyes, lay your head on your gun, get completely comfortable, and only when you are set-up, then open your eyes. If you can’t see clearly through your scope, CHANGE something [such as comb height or scope position]”.

“When you open your eyes, if you see some scope shadow [i.e. the black ring around the edge of the scope picture], figure out which way you need to move your head to get rid of that shadow, and then make adjustments to either your position, the rifle, or the scope.”

Scope head position prone shooting Ryan Cleckner long range shooting handbook

“Very often you’ll open your eyes and realize you need to move further back or further forward. Instead of moving your position [or head], move the scope and get it set up properly.”

Tip on Viewing Your Reticle:
Cleckner: “Sometimes it can be difficult to focus between the target and the reticle, even with the parallax adjusted properly. I recommend you focus only on the reticle. Just like the front sight on a rifle or a handgun, that reticle is what you can control, and it’s what matters. Focus on a crisp, clear reticle, in a stable platform, and all that’s left is trigger control.”

Long Range Shooting Handbook — A Good Resource
Cleckner’s Long Range Shooting Handbook covers a wide range of topics important for precision marksmanship — both shooting skills and technical matters. You can view Sample Chapters from Ryan’s Book on Cleckner’s book is designed as an intro to key concepts such as MOA vs. Mils, External Ballistics, and Environmental Effects. Included are personal tips and advice based on Cleckner’s years of experience as a sniper instructor and special operations sniper.

The Long Range Shooting Handbook is divided into three main categories: What It Is/How It Works, Fundamentals, and How to Use It. “What It Is/How It Works” covers equipment, terminology, and basic principles. “Fundamentals” covers the theory of long range shooting. “How to Use It” gives practical advice on implementing what you’ve learned, so you can progress as a skilled, long range shooter.

Ryan Cleckner was a special operations sniper (1/75 RGR) and he served as a U.S. Army sniper instructor. Currently he works as a firearms industry executive and practicing firearms attorney.

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