June 30th, 2021

Marksmanship Training Sessions at Camp Perry this Summer

Camp Perry small arms firing school training ohio

How would you like to get rifle and pistol training from some of the best marksmen in the country for a modest charge and ammo included! This summer, the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) will offer Small Arms Firing Schools (SAFS) at the Camp Perry National Guard Training Facility. Choose from pistol, smallbore rifle, rimfire sporter, or service rifle courses. No prior competition experience is required, and the CMP even supplies the guns. For more details on the Small Arms Firing Schools CLICK THIS LINK.

2021 Camp Perry Small Arms Firing School Dates:

Pistol: July 13
Smallbore (.22 LR) Rifle: July 20
Rimfire Sporter Rifle: July 24
Service Rifle: July 31 – August 1

Registration is now Open. You can register on-line on the CMP web site and make payment via credit card.

The SAFS courses have been a staple at the annual Camp Perry National Matches since 1918, educating over 1,000 pistol and rifle participants each year. Formulated specially to ease in those of who are new to marksmanship, the school is led by members of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit along with qualified civilian and military professionals. The minimum age for Pistol SAFS students is 14 while the minimum age for Rifle SAFS students is 12.

Camp Perry small arms firing school training ohio

Currently, the CMP offers SAFS courses in smallbore rifle (.22 caliber), rimfire sporter rifle (.22 caliber), centerfire service rifle (M16), and centerfire pistol (M9). Since the schools are intended for beginners, no past firearm experience or gun ownership is required to participate. All ammo will be provided by the CMP along with the M9 pistols and M16 rifles. NOTE: Smallbore students can request to borrow a Walther KK300 for the class — send request to bdonoho@thecmp.org.

SAFS utilizes both classroom and live-fire training that covers basic instruction and firing practices as well as a scope of competition skills. Students in the Pistol (M9) and Rifle (M16) courses will also be entered into a true Excellence-In-Competition (EIC) Match. Though firing in the match is not required, it allows participants the chance to earn four EIC leg points toward a Distinguished Badge.

Small Arms Firing School COSTS

Pistol and Rifle: $50.00 for adults, $35.00 for juniors
Advanced Pistol School: $20.00 for adults ($15.00 for juniors)
Smallbore School: $35.00 for juniors
Rimfire School: $35 for adults, $25 for juniors


For the entry fee(s), students receive:
All instruction
All needed ammunition for the school
Use of an M9 9mm service pistol or an M-16 service rifle (with Walther KK300 for smallbore on request).
USAMU Guidebook for the particular program
SAFS T-shirt
SAFS certificate

Camp Perry small arms firing school training ohio

NOTE: All Pistol and Rifle SAFS students also receive automatic entry in the M9 Pistol EIC or M16 Rifle EIC Matches at no additional cost, a special EIC match pin and an opportunity to win four EIC credit points.

National Matches 2021 Full Schedule
To view the full schedule of the 2021 National Matches at CLICK this SCHEDULE LINK.

Camp Perry 2021

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