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October 9th, 2021

Oklahoma CMP Games & HP Matches October 17-24, 2021

Oklahoma games CMP garand carbine rimfire sporter training

The Oklahoma CMP Games & CMP HP Rifle Matches will be held October 17-24, 2021 at the Oklahoma City Gun Club. The CMP Highpower Match schedule includes two CMP 800 Aggregate Matches followed by a 4-Man Team Match and EIC Service Rifle Match. Following the HP matches are the CMP Games events. The CMP Games Matches include Rifle Marksmanship 101 & M16 Match (formerly SAFS), GSMM Matches, Carbine Match, Rimfire Sporter Match, and Vintage Sniper Team Match. If you’re anywhere near Oklahoma City next week you might want to check out the action.

Oklahoma games CMP garand carbine rimfire sporter training

NOTE: The CMP’s Oklahoma Games are not just for seasoned competitors. There will be a Small Arms Firing School plus a New Shooter Clinic for those who have never shot a CMP Games match before. And the Rimfire Sporter match is popular with novice shooters, who can can compete with very affordable rifles.

Oklahoma games CMP garand carbine rimfire sporter training

Oklahoma CMP Games Resources

CMP Games - Oklahoma

Oklahoma CMP Games General INFO

Oklahoma CMP Games Program

2021 Online Registration

Printable Entry Form

2021 Schedule

Area Accommodations

Directions to OKC Gun Club

Photos from CMP Oklahoma Games

Electronic Targets Allow Faster Relays and No Pit Duty!
The High Power range will be set up with Kongsberg Electronic Targets (KTS). The KTS system registers each shot and relays the location and score value to a monitor beside each shooter on the firing line. Wireless monitors are placed at each firing point so competitors can immediately view their shot placements. Scores are tallied automatically by the KTS system.

Oklahoma games CMP garand carbine rimfire sporter training
Oklahoma games CMP garand carbine rimfire sporter training

GSM New Shooter Clinic Plus M1 Maintenance Clinic
There will also be a GSM New Shooter Clinic and an M1 Maintenance Clinic held during the week. CMP Sales will be at the event with a limited supply of rifles. Ammunition and CMP memorabilia will also be available for purchase.

VINTAGE SNIPER MATCH — Wednesday, October 20th
The 2021 Oklahoma Games will include the popular Vintage Sniper Team Match. Competitors must use Korean War or earlier, as-issued military sniper rifles or replicas of those rifles. Optics must also be original issue or replica scopes from the same period. The CMP Games Rules lists the approved rifles and optics.

Camp Perry Vintage Sniper match Oklahoma

The course of fire is designed to reproduce the conditions under which skilled long-range military riflemen operated. Two riflemen work together as a team. During the match, each team member functions alternately as a shooter or a spotter. After one team member finishes firing, they switch roles and the other team member fires. Firing is done at distances of 300 and 600 yards from the prone position. Shooters may use either a sling or sand bag support, but not both. Wind doping is critical and firing must be done quickly; targets are exposed for each shot for only 20 seconds and then withdrawn for 20 seconds.

Pistol Competitions for Centerfire and Rimfire
There are also several pistol matches including CMP As-Issued 1911 Pistol Match, Military & Police Service Pistol Match, 40 Shot Pistol Match, EIC Service Pistol Match, CMP .22 Rimfire Pistol EIC Match and Pistol 2-Man Team Match. A Pistol Marksmanship 101 training class will also be held.

Oklahoma games CMP garand carbine rimfire sporter training

About the CMP Travel Games
The CMP Travel Games are regional competitions held in different corners of the country throughout the year, featuring exclusive CMP rifle and pistol outdoor events. A common part of the CMP schedule for the last decade, the Games are centered around recreation-oriented competition and educational activities that are designed to accommodate experienced marksmen as well as those just beginning the sport.

For more information about the Oklahoma CMP Games, email or call 888-267-0796, ext. 714.

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October 9th, 2021

Free Shipping ($109+ orders) at Creedmoor Sports this Weekend

Creedmoor sports weekend sale 10.9 free shipping

A “10.9” is a perfect shot in Olympic and ISSF smallbore and airgun shooting. Since today is the ninth day of October, officially 10/9/2021, Creedmoor Sports is running a special 10.9 FREE SHIPPING promotion. To celebrate the PERFECT shot this weekend, Creedmor Sports is offering Free Shipping on orders over $109 (with some exceptions). Use promo code PERFECT at checkout. This offer runs through Monday 10/11/21 at 11:59 pm. See website for details:

What is a 10.9 Score — Isn’t a 10 the Highest Value?

Creedmoor sports weekend sale 10.9 free shipping

Under ISSF rules, “The final score is made of decimal points, with the maximum score per shot being 10.9.” You get extra value, above 10 points, by placing your shot in the very center of the ten ring, as shown in red in the photo above. The maximum score is a 10.9.

Bill Lee, former U.S. Olympic Shooting Team Member, explains the 10.9 score in a Quaro Post:

A 10.9 would be a DEAD-CENTER shot.

ALL ISSF events that previously uses paper bullseye targets with numerical scoring rings have switched to electronic targets since the conclusion of the 1988 Olympics. From this point forward decimal points scoring was introduced, initially for only the finals for both rifle and pistol. Still, in recent years all rifle events’ in both preliminary/qualifying AND the FINAL stage of the match are entirely scored in decimal points. In contrast, the pistol events, only the finals are scored down to decimals.

Why? To break ties, and see who CONSISTENTLY comes close to dead center hit with every shot, of course! They don’t call it the Olympics for nothing.

A 10.5 is a shot that “nicks” the lines on the inner 10-ring (It’s the smallest circle on ALL ISSF bullseye rifle and pistol targets). — Bill Lee

If a shot just slightly cuts the outside of the 10-ring (2nd smallest circle), it’s a 10.0.

Terms of 10.9 Special Offer at Creedmoor Sports
This is a limited time offer for Free Shipping for orders over $109.00 dollars. Use Promo Code PERFECT at checkout. The FREE shipping for orders over $109.00 applies to all Creedmoor Sports departments (see below), but there are exclusions for certain, specific products: “Some exclusions apply (Hagar brass, ammunition, tumbler media, portable air gun ranges, targets, kneeling roll pellets, cleaning rods, and posters. Drop shipped items (all Giraud and Gracey products, Big Shot Tumblers) are excluded.”

Creedmoor Sports Departments — Ammo, Guns, Gear, Optics, Tools, Targets, Coats and More
Creedmoor sports weekend sale 10.9 free shipping

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