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October 14th, 2021

Shooting Advice from Leading Ladies for New Shooters

Babes with bullets lady Lena Miculek NSSF video Shooting Tips

Getting started in the shooting sports can be intimidating, especially for women. Thankfully, there are many training resources available. NSSF has compiled a series of target shooting tips for women, by women. These tips, presented by instructors Deb Ferns, Kay Miculek, and Lena Miculek-Afentul, cover basic shooting methods and safety. Topics include pistol grip, stance, eye dominance, and ear protection. These tips can benefit any novice shooter, not just the ladies.

Rifle Stance and Hold (for Action Shooting)
Champion 3-Gun shooters Kay Miculek and Lena Miculek-Afentul demonstrate rifle stance basics and how to properly hold an AR-platform rifle for action shooting.

Grip and Stance for Pistol Shooting
Mother/daughter team Kay Miculek and Lena Miculek-Afentul demonstrate proper grip and stance for shooting semi-automatic pistols in action disciplines.

Eye Dominance (and Hand/Eye Cross-Dominance)
Learn how to identify your dominant eye. Kay Miculek, a cross-dominant shooter, explains how other cross-dominant individuals can maintain a proper sight picture.

Ear Protection — Double-Up for Safety
Babes with Bullets Director Deb Ferns says the most common complaint among new shooters is, “It’s too loud!” Deb recommends “doubling up” — wearing muffs OVER soft foam earplugs. That’s “sound advice” for any shooter.

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October 14th, 2021

Great Deals on 9mm Pistol Ammo from CCI, Norma, RUAG

CCI 115 gr 124 gr 9mm 9x19mm luger ammo ammunition sale

Looking for a good stash of American-made 9mm Luger (9x19mm) pistol ammo at an excellent price? Right now you can get 250 rounds of CCI Blazer brass-cased 9mm for just $114.99. That’s works out to $0.459 per round, PLUS you get a Full Force Gear heavy-duty nylon range bag included in the price. This ammo+bag combo deal is offered by TrueShot Gun Club based in Tempe, Arizona. Click HERE for other TrueShot Flash Sales.

And if you want even less expensive, big-brand 9mm ammo, check out these deals…

NORMA and RUAG 9x19mm Ammo

NATO Quality, with excellent brass — just $16.99 for 50 rounds
Here are two very good deals on high-quality FMJ ammo from major European manufacturers Norma and RUAG. This is quality stuff produced for NATO armies by big-name companies. Choose 115 grain Norma or 124 grain RUAG. Both brands are available now at Ammo Shop Online for just $16.99 per 50-round box. That works out to just $0.34 cents per round (before shipping). That’s a Great Deal in today’s market. This vendor also offers FREE shipping with orders over $200. Act soon, these deals WILL sell out!

Norma 124 gr 9mm 9x19mm luger ammo ammunition sale

RUAG 124 gr 9mm 9x19mm luger ammo ammunition sale

RUAG 124 gr 9mm 9x19mm luger ammo ammunition sale

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