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October 29th, 2021

Stick, Flake, and Ball — Do You Know Your Powder Properties?

Widener's Reloading Smokeless Powder propellant Guide

Widener’s Reloading & Shooting Supply recently published a helpful introduction to reloading powders. Widener’s online Guide to Smokeless Powders shows the various types of powders, and explains how the differences in powder kernel/flake size and shape, and burn rate affect performance. We recommend you visit Widener’s website and read the Powder Guide in full.

Take a close look at these illustrations which show the key differences between the four main powder types: extruded (stick) powder, ball (spherical) powder, flattened ball powder, and flake powder.

Widener's Reloading Smokeless Powder propellant Guide

Widener's Reloading Smokeless Powder propellant Guide

Widener's Reloading Smokeless Powder propellant Guide

Widener's Reloading Smokeless Powder propellant Guide

Burn Rate Basics

Widener’s Guide to Smokeless Powders also has a useful discussion of Burn Rate (a confusing topic for many hand-loaders). Wideners explains: “While a gun powder explosion in the cartridge seems instantaneous, if you slow it down you will actually find that each powder has a different ‘burn rate’, or speed at which it ignites.” This video shows powders with two very different burn rates. Watch closely.

Different burn rates suit different cartridge types notes Widener’s: “In general a fast-burning powder is used for light bullets and low-speed pistols and shotguns. Medium-rate powders are used for magnum pistols, while high-velocity, large bore rifle cartridges will need slow powders[.]

It should be noted that burn rate does not have a standardized unit of measurement. In fact, burn rate is really only discussed in comparison to other powders; there is no universal yardstick. Specifics will change by cartridge and bullet types[.]”

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October 29th, 2021

2021 Precision Rifle EXPO in Georgia This Weekend

Precision Rifle Expo Arena Blakely GA Georgia PRS NRL

The Precision Rifle EXPO is back this year, running October 30-31, 2021 at the Arena Training Facility in Blakely, Georgia. In past years, over 800 attendees came to the two-day event. This year, manufacturers will be showing off actions, optics, ammo, reloading equipment, stocks, chassis, electronics, supporting equipment (bags and tripods), rifles, triggers, suppressors, and much more. There will be training sessions on precision handloading, wind reading, marksmanship, ballistic devices, and introduction to competition.

The event lets precision rifle enthusiasts connect with top manufacturers, rifle instructors, and leading tactical competitors. Register Online today for $35, or pay $50 at the door this weekend. Registration includes access to the exhibition tent and the range locations, plus instructional classes for both days.

Precision Rifle Expo Arena Blakely GA Georgia PRS NRL

Praslick Wind Reading Class at 2021 Precision Expo
This year wind wizard Emil Praslick will lead a class on wind reading. Praslick is one of the foremost authorities on wind reading in the world. The former USAMU Head Coach has represented the USA in international long-range shooting for over 20 years and has developed training strategies for both tactical and competitive shooting. Praslick’s wind reading class will help shooters gain insight into understanding the mechanism of wind drift and its influence on bullet trajectory, techniques for recognizing and determining wind speed and direction, and strategies of wind management and target engagement. The daily classes will be held at 10 am and 2 pm on Saturday, and 10:30 am and 1 pm on Sunday.

WIND WISDOM: Determining the Direction of the Wind

Praslick noted: “The Precision Rifle Expo is a fantastic opportunity for both industry folks and the public to meet and learn about what’s new in the precision shooting world. It’s also unique in that the organizers present instructional content for the attendees. I’m really looking forward to teaching and talking to people about the techniques, strategy, and some tips to shooting in the wind. We’re once again partnering with Vortex, who is providing optics for the students[.]”

Video Showcases 2018 Precision Rifle EXPO:

Precision Rifle Expo Series National Rifle League Arena Training Facility Blakely Georgia September meeting

Precision Rifle Expo Arena Blakely GA Georgia PRS NRL

All Types of Products Will Be on Display
The Precision Rifle EXPO offers a unique opportunity to check out the latest products from dozens of top companies all in one place. Over 30 companies will be at the EXPO, displaying complete rifles, actions, triggers, stocks, optics, reloading gear, ammo, electronics, rangefinders, chronographs, ear protection, support bags, bipods, tripods, and all manner of accessories.

Precision Rifle Expo Arena Blakely GA Georgia PRS NRL
Nick Gadarzi in Utah NRL match with Leupold Mark 5HD™ 5-25×56mm, TMR reticle

Precision Rifle EXPO 2021 Exhibitor List

NOTE: There may be some final changes, but there should still be 30+ Exhibitors.

Athlon Optics
Curtis Custom
Daniel Defense
Helix Precision
Hoplite Arms
Kauger Arms
Kenzies Optics
KGM Tech
Knights Armament
MacDonald Innovations
Manners Composite Stocks
MDT Chassis
Masterpice Arms (MPA)
SK Ammunition
Trigger Tech
U.S. Optics
Vudoo Rifles
ZR Delta

At the 2018 EXPO, Long-Range Clinics were held on the 1000-yard Range:
arena training facility Georgia Precision Rifle expo

Arena Training Facility — 2300 Acres
The 2300-acre Arena Training Facility is a premier shooting facility with multiple shooting ranges from 50m to 2100m. Arena’s 1000-yard covered Known Distance range offers multiple benches, steel and paper targets out to 1000 yards. On Arena’s UKD (unknown distance) range shooters can engage steel out to 2300 yards. This 2100m UKD range boasts a 3-Story Shooting Tower, Air-Conditioned Shoot House, and multiple Positional Challenge stations.

arena training facility Georgia

The Arena Training Facility is located approximately two hours from the Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta, Georgia and is centrally located in the Southeastern USA.

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