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October 23rd, 2021

Saturday at the Movies: Affordable Rifle Reviews

affordable optics rifle review savage Axis ii mdt guns america
Image courtesy Guns America Digest Savage Axis II Review.

Many of our regular readers are serious competitors who own top-end benchrest, F-Class, Palma, and/or Service Rifles. Such full-custom match rifles can easily exceed $5500 with optic. These premium rifles are a source of pride and competitive success. But many shooters also want something more affordable for fun rimfire matches, plinking, or varmint work. And that’s the focus of this story — good quality rifles that won’t bust your budget.

affordable optics rifle review savage Axis ii mdt guns americaVideo Reviews of Affordable Rifles
We recently found an interesting YouTube Channel that specializes in affordable rifles and scopes. This channel, appropriately named Affordable Optics and Rifle Reviews (AOFF), has 170+ helpful videos online, many with over 100,000 views. The testers are based in Canada, so they offer a perspective that’s a bit different than that of most American gun vloggers.

For todays’ Saturday at the Movies feature, we feature five of our favorite rifle reviews from the AOFF site. These videos are good starting points if you have been considering any of these rifles. Most are multi-purpose rifles that could be used in a tactical match or on a hunt.

1. Savage 110 Precision vs. Ruger Precision Rifle Comparison

These two rifles are direct competitors in the $1300-$1400 market range. The Savage combines the proven model 110 action with a modern Modular Driven Technologies (MDT) chassis. The latest Gen 3 Ruger Precision Rifle comes with a new, free-float M-LOK handguard that provides greater front scope clearance. The Ruger Precision MSR buttstock attaches to an AR-style buffer tube on a left-folding hinge, and the stock adjusts for length of pull and comb height. We have shot both rifles. We like the balance and accuracy of the Savage, but prefer the adjustable butt system on the Ruger.

2. Bergara B-14 vs. Tikka UPR Rifle Comparison

In this interesting comparison video, AOFF tests the Bergara B-14 HMR and the NEW Tikka UPR, both of which could be called cross-over rifles. You can hunt with them or shoot a tactical match. AOFF notes: “Both are GREAT rifles. In our previous reviews on these rifles, both showed great accuracy and performance out to long range (we brought them to 750m).” The Bergara B-14 runs about $1000 USD while the Tikka currently sells for about $1400.

3. Savage Axis II Precision Rifle in MDT Chassis

This video showcases the Savage Axis II Precision, chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. Priced at $899.99, this rifle offers good performance for the price. It’s a good starter rig if you want to try a PRS/NRL competition, but it can also serve well as a hunting rifle. With adjustable comb and adjustable LOP, the MDT chassis offers good ergonomics. AOFF writes: “A great option for those who are looking to get into long range shooting, but aren’t looking into remortgaging there home to do so.” AOFF says the Savage Axis II is one of the best affordable, chassis rifles on the market because it combines an accurate barreled action with a nice MDT chassis. For more info, read this very thorough Savage Axis II review in Guns America Digest.

4. MDT XRS Modular Chassis System for Tikka T3x

AOFF tested the MDT Chassis with Tikka T3x Varmint in .223 Rem and .308 Win. AOFF states that this MDT Chassis offers good value: “This is not a ‘cheap’ rifle stock, although it IS one most can afford.” The XRS Chassis is designed for shooters who want the ergonomics of a traditional-shaped rifle stock with the benefits of a modern precision rifle chassis system. The MDT XRS Chassis is constructed from a full-length CNC machined core of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum with external textured polymer panels. It is available configured for a variety of short actions including Rem 700, Tikka T1x/T3x, Savage, CZ 457, Howa 1500, and Ruger American.

5. Winchester Wildcat .22 LR Rifle

The Winchester 22 has earned very positive reviews from owners, and it is a true bargain. AOFF reports: “This Winchester rifle proved to be a fun little rifle to shoot and plink with. As light as it is, with minimal recoil makes it a pleasure to shoot. This rifle retails for $230 USD making it not only fun but affordable. Mind you it isn’t perfect. The short stock with the short grip are two … things we found that should be improved on the Winchester Wildcat 22.”

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October 23rd, 2021

Gun Project Goldmine — 120 FREE Technical Articles technical articles

AccurateShooter.comReaders who have just recently discovered the Daily Bulletin may not realize that has hundreds of reference articles in our archives. These authoritative articles are divided into mutiple categories, so you can easily view stories by topic (such as competition, tactical, rimfire, optics, shooting skills etc.). One of the most popular categories is our Technical Articles Collection. On a handy index page (with thumbnails for every story), you’ll find over 120 articles covering technical and gunsmithing topics. These articles can help you with major projects (such as stock painting), and they can also help you build more accurate ammo. Here are five popular selections from our Technical Articles archive.

pillar Bedding

Stress-Free Pillar Bedding. Richard Franklin explains how to do a top-quality bedding job, start to finish.

On Target Software Review

OnTarget Software Review. Our Editors test free software that measures shot groups with great precision. We explain how to use the program and configure advanced features.

Savage Action Tuning Torque Settings

Savage Action Tuning. Top F-TR shooter Stan Pate explains how to enhance the performance of your Savage rifle by optimizing the torque settings of the action screws.

Precision Case Prep for Reloading

Complete Precision Case Prep. Jake Gottfredson covers the complete case prep process, including brass weight sorting, case trimming, primer pocket uniforming, neck-sizing, and, case-neck turning.

rifle stock painting and spraying

Stock Painting Instructions. Step-by-step guide for stock painting by expert Mike Ricklefs. Mike shows both simple coverage and fancy effects.

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October 23rd, 2021

FREE Zeiss Hunting App — Ballistics, Weather, and GPS Tagging

Zeiss ios apple android hunting App mobile

iPhone/iPad Hunting App (iOS) | Android Hunting App (Google)

KEY FEATURES: Ballistics Solver, GPS Tagging, Weather Forecast, Field Notes with Photos

Hunters, here’s a great FREE mobile APP for both Apple and Android systems. The ZEISS Hunting App offers many practical functions: full-featured ballistics calculator, field notes with photo archive, compass function, GPS tagging for documentation of hunting experiences, and a detailed weather forecast service. The Hunting App is offered as a FREE download for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) mobile devices.

Three Minute Video Explains Zeiss Hunting App Features:

The Zeiss Hunting App integrates multiple useful features — ballistics solver, compass, GPS tagging, hunt history. The “Field Notes” function can record a wide variety of info — you can save photos, record your shots and hits, log animal sightings during the hunt, and even plot game locations on a map. Zeiss explains: “This allows users to optimally record events, the game population in the hunting territory, and their own hunting experiences.” Shots can be tagged via GPS through the shooter’s and the target’s position, and then displayed on a map. The Field Notes hunt diary shows all entries in chronological order.

Zeiss ios apple android hunting App mobile

Full-Featured Ballistics Solver
The integrated ballistic calculator allows hunters to easily customize the settings to suit their favorite cartridges. You can enter your own data, or choose bullet/cartridge info from a database containing over 7000 ammunition types from a variety of manufacturers. The ballistics solver can be programmed for for current weather conditions (temp/humidity), and the angle (inclination) of the shot.

Zeiss ios apple android hunting App mobile

Weather Functions
The weather tool offers a Five-Day Forecast, and you can choose multiple locations. In addition to the current location, users can also display the weather for their hunting areas of choice. The weather forecast includes temperature, precipitation, wind direction, wind speed, humidity, and air pressure. (Note: For precise ballistics solutions, you must input the ACTUAL conditions at your shooting location).

This video explains how to define a hunting zone and set GPS location tags on the map:

Hunt Log and Photos
The Field Notes function can do many things. You can log all your shots and hits, and you can plot game sightings during the hunt. Events can be augmented with photos and GPS data. With the Field Notes mapping function, you can even locate game populations in the hunting territory. A compass and automatic night mode round off the list of smart features.

Zeiss ios apple android hunting App mobile

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