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October 24th, 2021

Sunday Gunday: Wind-Reading with Keith Glasscock

Keith Glasscock winning wind youtube channel f-Class f-Open wind reading

Keith Glasscock is one of America’s very finest F-Class shooters. This talented trigger-puller took second in F-Open division at the F-Class National Championships three years in a row. A smart engineer with aviation knowledge, Keith is a master wind reader, who has served as the wind coach for top F-Class teams. In fact Keith is in Arizona right now coaching a team at Ben Avery.

Keith shares his wind-reading expertise on his popular YouTube Channel — Winning in the Wind. This channel provides intelligent advice on multiple topics including reloading, load development, shooting strategies, and yes, reading the wind.

Keith has the credentials to back up the advice he offers in his video lessons. A High Master, Keith finished second overall at the 2021 NRA F-Class Long Range Championship in F-Open division. He also finished second at the 2020 Nationals, and he took second place at the 2019 Nationals. His consistency is unrivaled, which means he definitely knows the secrets of long-range wind calling and loading ultra-accurate ammo.

Today we feature two of Keith’s latest YouTube videos, both focused on wind reading.

Wind Direction vs. Wind Speed — Which is More Important

Most shooters find wind reading somewhat intimidating. That is understandable. The wind can change constantly during a match, with variations in both wind velocity and angles. Sometimes you think you have a cycle figured out, but then there can be an unexpected lull. Or you may start a string in what you think is a stable condition, but then a surprise shift changes everything. In addition, wind flows can be influenced by terrain features, such as berms, which have varying effects depending on wind angle (e.g. a tailwind hitting a berm will act differently than a 90-deg crosswind). That is why a good wind reader needs to identify both the wind speed AND the wind angle. In this video, Keith explains when to focus primarily on direction and when to pay most attention to velocity. With headwinds and tailwinds, Keith notes, you should monitor angle changes carefully. With crosswinds, speed is the key variable to watch.

KEY Points to Remember
— Small changes in wind direction changes alter POI drastically at long range
— During head or tailwinds, focus on wind direction
— During crosswinds, focus more on wind speed
— The wind is cyclic — always be aware of the pattern

Keith Glasscock wind reading video winnning spotting scope flag angle kestrel

Determining Wind Direction with Precision

Keith Glasscock winning wind youtube channel f-Class f-Open ES SD loading

Many shooters try to read the wind merely using whatever wind flags might be aloft on the range. Flags are important of course, but there are other vital factors that a wise wind-watcher will monitor. You want to watch mirage, and the movement of grass and trees. In looking for angle changes, Keith says the spotting scope is a very important tool. His tripod is equipped with angle markings on the rotating tripod head. This allows him to ascertain wind angles with great precision.

In the video below, Keith shows how to use a spotting scope to read the wind. He explains how he uses his spotting scope in his role as a wind coach. But a spotting scope can also be used effectively by competitors shooting prone or from a bench. Many top shooters use their spotting scopes to watch mirage during their relays. Keith notes that smart competitors can also use their spotters BETWEEN relays to scout natural wind indicators (moving grass, trees etc.), check for boils, watch mirage, and estimate wind velocity cycles.

KEY Points to Remember
— Wind flags leave a lot to be desired in precision wind direction reading
— Precision wind direction can be obtained with a spotting scope
— There is a boil both directly upwind and directly downwind
— Angle indicator on your tripod helps with angular precision in wind readings
— Scouting with a spotting scope before your turn to shoot can be fruitful

Keith Glasscock winning wind youtube channel f-Class f-Open ES SD loading

Questions and Answers with Keith Glasscock

Keith Glasscock winning wind youtube channel f-Class f-Open wind reading

Q. How did you get started as a wind coach, and what were the most important stages in your progress in wind-reading?

Keith: I started coaching this team in 2017. I was looking for a team to shoot on, but they needed a wind coach. I’ve been a backseat driver ever since. I learned the most about reading the wind from shooting when the conditions are absolutely miserable – flags popping, wind switching, people missing the targets entirely, and there I was, having to make the big call. I learn from my own mistakes, and it shows. I still make mistakes, but try to limit them to ones I haven’t already made. In essence, I am in the most important stage now. Humbly looking at the wind knowing its power and mystery, while learning new things every day.

Q. What are the most common wind-reading mistakes you see people make at matches?

Keith: The most common, in a word, is UNDER-confidence. Most shooters can make that wind call with accuracy. But their fear prevents them from doing that, and prevents them from learning or taking advantage of smooth, solid conditions. The second common mistake is failure to anticipate changes. That comes from not gauging the wind pattern. It’s all about patterns in a sport where wind changes so small have such profound impacts on score.

Q. What’s more important — wind flags, or mirage (or maybe the unexpected horizontal that appears on the last shot recorded on target).

Keith: Both flags and mirage lie. The only thing that tells the truth is a bullet. Unfortunately, the wind can switch faster than you can shoot in most cases. I take a fluid approach. I look for what on the range right now tells me what the wind is doing.

Q. When are conditions so bad/unpredictable that it is necessary to just stop shooting and wait for things to get better?

Keith: This is situational, and comes down to what you are observing. I never like to shoot in the top of a gust condition, even when I know what the hold is. The drop off is what gets you that surprise 8.

Q: What type of wind meters do you recommend?

Keith: While Kestrels are inexpensive and quite serviceable, they are directional in nature. If I want absolute wind speed, an omnidirectional style unit is preferred.

Q. Are there ways to practice reading the wind (and judging wind speeds) when one is away from the range?

Keith: I really concentrate on seeing mirage any time I’m outside, without optics. I can, many times, see the boil of the mirage, and wind direction with the naked eye. My time in aviation has my eye tuned to see things like shear zones and venturis in the airflow. I take a moment, anytime the air is moving, to feel the air on my skin, see the trees and grass moving, and areas where the wind does funny things. Trees and grass tend to get too much credit as precision wind indicators. I use them as wind change indicators. It also gives me an opportunity to humble myself and realize how dependent I am on mirage and flags.

Keith Glasscock winning wind youtube channel f-Class f-Open ES SD loading

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October 24th, 2021

Basics of Safe Gun Storage and Gun Safety Quiz

NSSF resources quiz new firearm gun owner

This article covers the basics of safe gun storage and firearms handling. It provides important guidelines — particularly useful for new gun owners. We start with a Firearm Storage and Safety Assessment Quiz. This walks gun owners through questions related to safe handling and storage of firearms. After that you’ll find guidelines for safe gun storage and transport. Bottom line, we recommend all firearms be properly secured when not is use. There are a wide variety of gun safes and gun storage systems.

Take Gun Storage and Safety Quiz »

NSSF resources quiz new firearm gun owner

Firearms Safe Storage Video

gun storage furniture

Other Gun Safety Resources

NSSF resources quiz new firearm gun owner

Firearms Safe Storage/Transport in Vehicles | Ten Tips for Firearms Safety in Your Home

This past week, Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin killed his cinematographer on a movie set (and wounded another person). Had Baldwin followed these Four Basic Rules of Gun Safety, the tragic death would not have occurred. This just proves that anyone using a firearm should ALWAYS follow these rules.

NSSF resources quiz new firearm gun owner

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October 24th, 2021

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