October 1st, 2021

Access FREE Issues of Shooting Industry Magazine

Shooting Industry Magazine archives digital editions

READ for FREE — Shooting Industry is now available in a digital format for FREE. There are free archives going back 14 years to December 2007.

If you want to stay current with trends in the firearms industry, and see important new product releases before they hit dealers’ shelves, you should check out Shooting Industry magazine. While tailored for firearms/outdoor gear retailers and industry professionals, this monthly journal also provides valuable info for all gun owners. We read Shooting Industry to learn about sales trends and current gun law issues. And every issue showcases NEW PRODUCTS. For example, here is a cool new CZ 457 LRP in the October New Product Feature:

Shooting Industry Magazine archives digital editions

Get FREE Digital Shooting Industry Magazines for the Past 13 Years
You can access, for free, 14 years of Shooting Industry back issues, plus all the recent 2021 issues. CLICK HERE for the current issue along with all issues for the previous three years: 2018, 2019, 2020. IMPORTANT — To access older issues, you much first launch a recent digital edition. That will give you access to the full 14-year archive, as explained below.

Here are links for the most recent three issues — October 2021, September 2021, and Augusts 2021. Simply click each cover to read full issue for FREE:

shooting industry magazine october 2021

October 2021
Top Stories:
Notable New Handguns
Shotguns — Defense/Sport
Women’s Hunting Apparel

shooting industry magazine september 2021

September 2021
Top Stories:
Gun Safes
Black Powder Guns
Vintage Firearm Market

shooting industry magazine august 2021

August 2021
Top Stories:
Home Defense Long Guns
Empowering Female Hunters
Trends in Used-Gun Sales

How to Access Magazine Archives Back to December 2007
Once you have launched the digital version of a recent issue, you can access the past 14 years of Shooting Industry back issues by using the ARCHIVE Button. First click on the MENU icon (three horizontal lines). Then click on the link for ARCHIVE. When you click on “Archive”, a list appears on the right. Scroll down to select any issue from July 2021 back to December 2007. Note: The index is divided, so some of the more recent Shooting Illustrated issues are found at the BOTTOM of the Archive, while others are at the top, or the middle. Be patient and look for “SIxxxx”

Shooting Industry Magazine archives digital editions

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