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February 4th, 2022

Lenzi Rear Bag — Premium Italian Leather, Great Functionality

PMA Tool Lenzi Rear Bag SEB front rest top Pat Reagin Weaver 46x48 XR T-Series
PMA Tool Lenzi Rear Bag SEB front rest top Pat Reagin Weaver 46x48 XR T-Series

Look carefully at the photo above. That stylish black rear bag doesn’t look anything like an Edgewood or Protektor — it’s a Lenzi bag from Italy. The front Bag-holder on the SEB Neo Rest is also a Lenzi product.

Lenzi Rear Sand Bag
Pat Reagin of PMA Tool offers a really superb rear bag that comes from Italy. Pat tells us: “We are now carrying rear bags made by Italian benchrester Alberto Lenzi. Made in Italy, these Lenzi bags are AWESOME! They are available for short range and one that is slightly taller for long range.” The Lenzi rear bags feature a big, 8″x6″ footprint with a thick, slightly concave base that sits very flat on the bench top. The Long Range Model is 1/2″ shorter with slightly taller ears. For both bag versions, chose Nylon ear fabric or 3M Slick covering.

Lenzi bags are very stable with a reassuring “dead” feel on the bench. Guys who have tried this bag really like it. Pat says: “I can’t explain it, but the bag seems to absorb energy/recoil better than other bags — the gun tracks a little better and I get back on target really well.” CLICK HERE for more information: Lenzi Long Range Rear Bag | Lenzi Standard Rear Bag.

– Black leather with Cordura at stock contact points with blue stitching.
– 1/2″ flat between medium ears.
– Heavy 8″x6″ base with built-in “donut”.
– Weight about 15.5 lbs filled with heavy sand in bottom & white sand in ears.
– Bags offered with Nylon Ear Covering OR 3M Slick Ear Fabric.

PMA Tool Lenzi Rear Bag SEB front rest top Pat Reagin Weaver 46x48 XR T-Series

Lenzi Replacement Top for SEB NEO Front Rest
Some SEB NEO rest owners prefer a conventional front bag instead of the SEB standard three-piece front bag. This rest top made by Alberto Lenzi addresses the issue by replacing the entire rest top. The rest top features a more conventional design and includes a traditional style front bag that conforms to IBS and NBRSA rules.

PMA Tool Lenzi Rear Bag SEB front rest top Pat Reagin Weaver 46x48 XR T-Series

The Lenzi Replacement SEB Top with Super-Slick Bag is $299.95, while the bag alone is $79.95. Choose either a Super-Slick (3M Silver) Front Bag or Lenzi Cordura-style Front Bag. NOTE: Lenzi also makes a replacement Front Bag-holder for Farley Rests

Lenzi bags are sold in the USA by PMA Tool and Bruno Shooters Supply.

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February 4th, 2022

For Reduced Runout, Rotate Your Cases During Bullet Seating

Bullet Seating Reloading rotate cartridge Run-out TIR

Here is a simple technique that can potentially help you load straighter ammo, with less run-out (as measured on the bullet). This procedure costs nothing and adds only a few seconds to the time needed to load a cartridge. Next time you’re loading ammo with a threaded (screw-in) seating die, try seating the bullet in two stages. Run the cartridge up in the seating die just enough to seat the bullet half way. Then lower the cartridge and rotate it 180° in the shell-holder. Now raise the cartridge up into the die again and finish seating the bullet.

Steve, aka “Short Range”, one of our Forum members, recently inquired about run-out apparently caused by his bullet-seating process. Steve’s 30BR cases were coming out of his neck-sizer with good concentricity, but the run-out nearly doubled after he seated the bullets. At the suggestion of other Forum members, Steve tried the process of rotating his cartridge while seating his bullet. Steve then measured run-out on his loaded rounds. To his surprise there was a noticeable reduction in run-out on the cases which had been rotated during seating. Steve explains: “For the rounds that I loaded yesterday, I seated the bullet half-way, and turned the round 180 degrees, and finished seating the bullet. That reduced the bullet runout by almost half on most rounds compared to the measurements from the first test.”

READ Bullet Seating Forum Thread »

run-out bullet

run-out bullet

Steve recorded run-out measurements on his 30 BR brass using both the conventional (one-pass) seating procedure, as well as the two-stage (with 180° rotation) method. Steve’s measurements are collected in the two charts above. As you can see, the run-out was less for the rounds which were rotated during seating. Note, the change is pretty small (less than .001″ on average), but every little bit helps in the accuracy game. If you use a threaded (screw-in) seating die, you might try this two-stage bullet-seating method. Rotating your case in the middle of the seating process won’t cost you a penny, and it just might produce straighter ammo (nothing is guaranteed). If you do NOT see any improvement on the target, you can always go back to seating your bullets in one pass. READ Forum Thread..

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February 4th, 2022

Champion Shooter Shane Barnhart to Manage Lapua Test Center

Lapua marengo ohio rimfire test performance center shane barnhart

Lapua, renowned producer of high-quality components and ammunition, has hired Shane Barnhart as the new Manager of the Lapua Rimfire Performance Center located in Marengo, Ohio. As Manager, Shane will supervise rimfire ammo lot testing in Lapua’s state-of-the art indoor tunnel in Marengo.

Patterned after the world-renowned Lapua Test Center in Germany, both the Marengo, OH and Mesa, AZ Lapua Rimfire Performance Centers provide shooters the opportunity to test multiple lots of ammunition under tightly controlled conditions. Each of the Lapua Rimfire Performance Centers offer the ability to test ammunition at both 50 and 100 meters, simultaneously. By comparing the results of various lots fired at both distances, the best performing lots can provide a distinct competitive advantage. This allows for higher scores and more hits on target for a customer’s chosen discipline. To learn more about the Lapua Rimfire Performance Centers or to schedule an appointment, visit

Shane Barnhart Lapua Test Center
Shane Barnhart at Camp Perry in 2014, shooting with the USAMU Team.

Barnhart Has Won Multiple National Shooting Championships and Served with USAMU
Barnhart is an accomplished competitive shooter. Shane won 8 National Smallbore Championships, a Service Rifle National Championship, a Civilian Marksmanship Long Range National Championship, and more. Over the past 20 years, Barnhart served with the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU), where he was a competitive marksman and head coach. With the USAMU, Shane gained years of experience testing smallbore ammunition at the USAMU’s range. Barnhart will commence managing the day-to-day test operations in Ohio beginning in late February 2022.

“I’m excited for the opportunity to continue being part of the shooting community and to work with such a great brand while doing so,” said Barnhart. “I’ve seen how this kind of testing can make a major difference for a competitive shooter, and I am excited to help [shooters] realize their competitive dreams.”

Lapua marengo ohio rimfire test performance center shane barnhart

About Lapua — Lapua produces outstanding rimfire and centerfire cartridges and components for civilian and professional use. Lapua is a part of the Capstone Precision Group, exclusive U.S. distributor for Berger, Lapua, Vihtavuori and SK-Rimfire products. For more information, visit

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