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February 26th, 2022

Saturday at the Movies — Videos of Cool Products for Handloaders

Daily Bulletin Saturday Movies Tool time reloading product video review

For this Saturday-at-the-Movies session we offer a selection of videos featuring interesting tools and products for handloaders. If you spend much time in your reloading room, these tools can save you time and help you load better ammo in less time. Today’s feature products range from sophisticated, premium tools such as 21st Century powered neck-turning lathe, to basic add-ons such as Lee Breech Lock Bushings, which are very handy if you load a variety of cartridge types.

21st Century Powered Neck-Turning Lathe

Power is activated by the red button on the end of the blue, horizontal feed handle:

Do you neck-turn hundreds of cases annually? Then you deserve this outstanding tool. The 21st Century Innovation Powered Neck-Turning Lathe may well be quite simply the best system ever created for quickly and precisely uniforming (and reducing) the neckwall thickness of cartridge brass. We have the original manual 21st Century neck-turning lathe, and can attest that it works great. With this powered system you can turn necks faster and more efficiently, with less effort. This is like going from a stick shift to an automatic transmission. The cases feed very smoothly and the results are beautiful. Note: The videos show the version as first marketed by 21st Century Shooting, which now operates as 21st Century Innovation.

The Powered Neck-Turning lathe is a modular system. Swing the bar from right to left to feed the case. The power head (with case holder) glides on stainless steel rails for smooth movement. This allows very precise feed rate. Power is supplied via a button that is built into the end of the feed handle. Push the red button to make the case spin. It’s as simple as that.

Hornady OAL Tool and Hornady Bullet Comparator

Gun Tech Steve Ostrem explains how to properly use Hornady’s Overall Length Gauge to determine length-to-land precisely. The OAL Gauge uses a “Modified Case” that threads onto the tool and holds a bullet. Push on the back of the gauge until you feel the bullet just touch the rifling. (We do this gently at first, tapping the rod a couple time to ensure the bullet is aligned correctly). Once you’ve got the length, then use the tool with a comparator on your calipers to get the length-to-lands. NOTE: We recommend taking the measurement 3-4 times in a row to get a reliable number. With a little practice your should be able to get repeatable measurements within .0015″.

Henderson Power Case Trimming/Chamfering Machine Test

F-Class John tests some of the finest reloading and shooting equipment you can buy. Recently he added the impressive Henderson Gen 3 Powered Trimmer to his inventory of tools. John is now a Henderson fan. He likes the speed, precision, and repeatability of the $779.00 Henderson machine, which trims-to-length and chamfers the case mouth all in one pass. Unlike some other trimming tools, the Henderson indexes off the overall case length NOT the shoulder. John found this worked just fine for his .284 Winchester brass, which has all been full-length sized prior to trimming.

Watch the video to see the Henderson trimmer in action. The dual, parallel horizontal support shafts provide precise alignment of the case as it moves inward toward the cutter blade. The Taper-Lock cutter provides a 14-degree inside chamfer and 30-degree outside chamfer. The trimming process is very consistent case after case, and the Henderson’s design captures brass shavings effectively.

This related video shows a comparison with the popular Giraud Powder Trimer

As noted in this comparison, John liked the precision of the Henderson trimmer and the overall design of the machine, which offers good ergonomics and very precise alignment of the cases. Cycling is smooth and positive, as you can see from the videos. The Giraud is also an excellent machine for bulk trimming/chamfering but the Henderson has some advantages.

Concentricity Checking with Accuracy One Gauge

Every serious hand-loader needs a quality concentricity gauge. The Accuracy One Concentricity Gauge boasts a smart design that delivers precise, repeatable results. We like the unit’s easy adjustability and its ability to work in a variety of configurations. The Accuracy One Gauge measures internal and external neck runout of cartridge cases as well as seated bullet runout. It can also measure the runout of the ogive, bearing surface, and boat-tail of individual bullets. And it can even measure your primer pocket runout.

Lee Die Lock Rings and Spline Drive Breech Lock Bushings

Lee precison die lock ring spline clamp O-ring

Lee precison die lock ring spline clamp O-ringIn this recent video Gavin Gear reviews three types of die accessories from LEE. These work for virtually all standard dies, not just LEE-brand reloading dies. The new LEE basic silver-finish die lock rings now feature splines for enhanced grip and compatibility with LEE’s new die lock ring wrench (photo right). They still boast a rubber 0-Ring that helps “float” the die for improved concentricity. Gavin also reviews Lee’s Spline Drive Breech Lock Bushings for use with presses fitted with LEE’s Breech Lock system. These Breech Lock bushings allow rapid change-out of dies without modifying the setting. The colorful new bushings feature splines on top that work with the new Lee Lock ring wrench shown above. In addition, the Breech Lock Bushings have a clamp to preserve die depth setting.

Tools Galore — Affordable Tools and Accessories for Reloaders

This detailed 15-minute video from the Bolt Action Reloading YouTube Channels, features a variety of lower-cost products/tool that help with key reloading tasks. The video looks at hand priming tools, case prep tools, Lyman stepped loading blocks, powder tricklers, expander mandrels, powder trickler, long-tube funnels and more! If you are getting started in hand-loading, this is a very helpful video to watch. It covers a lot of ground, illustrating options for tool types.

reloading tools videos
This Lyman case prep tool is one of many products reviewed in this 15-minute video.

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February 26th, 2022

2022 NRA Nat’l Matches at Camp Atterbury — Final Schedule

NRA National Matches Calendar schedule 2022 summer Camp Atterbury Indiana

The NRA has released the final 2022 National Rifle and Pistol Match schedule. The 2022 NRA National Rifle and Pistol Championships will be held July 8 through August 7, 2022 at Camp Atterbury, Indiana. A National Match Calendar for next summer has been released, which we publish below.

NRA National Matches Calendar schedule 2022 summer Camp Atterbury Indiana

The 2022 NRA Rifle and Pistol Championships at Camp Atterbury will start with OTC (Over the Course) High Power Rifle competition. This is unlike 2021 when the Nationals at Atterbury started with Smallbore events. In 2022 the Smallbore 3-position event runs from July 25 through July 29. Some competitors have lamented that this overlaps with the Long Range Championship (July 23-28), so shooters will have to choose one or the other. The 1-Mile Extreme Long Range Challenge match returns to the National Matches Calendar after being dropped in 2021.

High Power OTC Events and Championship: 8-14 July, 2022
Precision Pistol Championships: 17-23 July, 2022
High Power Mid-Range Championship: 16-21 July, 2022
High Power Long Range Championship: 23-28 July, 2022
Smallbore 3-Position Nationals: 25-29 July, 2022
Smallbore Prone Nationals: 30 July – 7 August, 2022
Extreme Long Range Challenge: 5-7 August, 2022

The 2022 NRA High Power Across the Course, Mid-Range, and Long Range Championships will be fired on the ranges of Camp Atterbury. Matches will begin on July 8 and run through August 7. This year the NRA revives the Extreme Long Range Challenge, which will run August 5-7. All registrations will be handled through the NRA Competition Portal.

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NRA National Matches Calendar schedule 2022 summer Camp Atterbury Indiana

Camp Atterbury covered rifle range

The new covered range at Camp Atterbury was a big hit in 2021 during the Precision Pistol and Smallbore Rifle Championships. This was built with the help of the State of Indiana, Indiana National Guard, the NRA, and the Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association.

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February 26th, 2022

Lyman Cyclone Case Dryer — Big Capacity, Fast Function

Lyman Cyclone Cartridge Brass drying Case Dryer

Here’s a product that should please handloaders who wet-tumble their brass with stainless media, or use ultrasonic cleaning machines to clean cartridge brass (and gun parts). Employing forced hot air circulation, the new Lyman Cyclone Case Dryer will dry a large quantity of brass in under two hours. Internal racks provide five drying levels. Now available for under $60.00 on Amazon, the Cyclone Case Dryer is a very affordable and effective addition to an ultrasonic or rotary-tumbler cleaning system.

Lyman Cyclone Cartridge Brass drying Case Dryer

The Lyman Cyclone Case Dryer works fast. No need to wait overnight (or longer) to air-dry your brass. Lyman states that “The forced heated air circulation of the Cyclone will dry your brass inside and out within an hour or two, with no unsightly water spots.” The handy individual trays keep different types of brass separate. The dryer can also be used for gun parts that have been ultrasonically cleaned.

Lyman Cyclone Case Dryer Features:
• Holds up to 1000 .223 Rem cases or 2000 9x19mm Luger cases
• Works with cartridge brass cases or gun parts
• Fast drying time — Typically 1 to 2 hours
• Timer control can be set up to 3 hours
• Durable ABS trays with recessed handles

Watch How Cyclone Case Dryer Functions with both Cartridge Brass and Gun Parts

Cyclone Case Dryer 115V (Part #7631560) MSRP: $86.25
Cyclone Case Dryer 220V (Part #7631561) MSRP: $86.25

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