February 18th, 2022

Gun Digest Book on .22 Caliber Rimfire Rifles (Plus .17s)

Gun digest book rimfire rifles NRL22 tactical .22 LR .17 HMR

There is a new guide to rimfire rifles — with a special focus on the tactical-style rigs used in NRL22 and similar competitions. Gun Digest’s Rimfire Revolution: A Complete Guide to Modern .22 Rifles, covers rimfire firearms, hardware, optics and ammo. Every major gun manufacturer has brought at least one new rimfire rifle to the market in the last two years, and these models are covered in detail. This 272-page book can help recreational shooters, competition shooters, and varmint hunters alike.

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Gun digest book rimfire rifles NRL22 tactical .22 LR .17 HMR

The .22 Long Rifle caliber is the most popular ammunition and firearm chambering in the world. It’s a backyard plinker, small-game hunter, tactical trainer and Olympic medalist. The humble .22 LR is undergoing a massive resurgence in the United States, and around the world. Topics covered in this full-color book include: complete coverage of semi-autos and how they work, bolt-action accuracy advice, match shooting tips, DIY precision gunsmithing, hunting with rimfires, and the future of the rimfire market. There is also a detailed, illustrated history of rimfire cartridges.

Additional Coverage of .17 Caliber Rimfire Options
This book also contains some sections on the popular .17 caliber rimfire cartridges: .17 HM2, .17 HMR, and .17 WSM. Of these three, the .17 HM2 (aka “17 Mach 2″) is the most affordable, the .17 HMR is the most popular, while the .17 WSM has the best ballistics by far.

Precision Rimfire Competition and Recommended .22 LR Rifles

Here are three videos covering NRL22 competition and .22 LR tactical bolt-guns that work well for these kinds of multi-position, tactical-style matches.

About the Rimfire Revolution Book Author
Michael R. Shea is a an editor-at-large at Field & Stream magazine, a contributing writer for Gun Digest the Magazine, and SHOT Business magazine. His work has also appeared in Men’s Journal, Outdoor Life, and Ducks Unlimited magazines and many more. He also directs a monthly National Rifle League .22 (NRL22) match in New York state.

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