May 6th, 2007

Fore-Arm Adapter for Sporters

Readers have asked if there is a device that stabilizes sporter rifles with narrow forends, when used with a pedestal rest. There are a variety of products, but one of the best available is the Sinclair Forend Benchrest Adapter. This adjusts to nearly all sporter rifles, with no stock modifications. The rifle’s fore-arm is cradled in a cork-lined bracket with a 3″-wide flat for riding the bag.

Sinclair explains: “Simply insert the appropriate screw (included) through the forend adapter and thread it into the front sling stud hole. The side plates adjust inward to configure to the forend design of your rifle.” The blue-green base is UHWM (Ultra-High Molecular Weight) polymer, a stiff compound that slides easily on the front bag. Sinclair’s Forend Adapter, item 04-1700, costs $31.95.

Sinclair forend fore-arm rifle adaptor

R.W. Hart offers a similar product, for $36.00, the Accuracy Asset 1, item RWH-N-AA. This is very similar to the Sinclair unit. However, on the Hart, the base (along with the sides) is anodized aluminum, rather than low-friction polymer. The sides and base of the Accuracy Asset are cork-lined.

Hart Accuracy Asset rifle adaptor

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