May 14th, 2007

Pharr Silhouette Stocks by Robertson

Top Silhouette shooter Mark Pharr has developed a pair of advanced silhouette stocks, suitable for both centerfire and rimfire competition. There is a full-forend R/T model for those who prefer to rest the forearm on the palm of their hand or fingertips. Mark has also created an innovative narrow-forend R/T-S model for shooters who prefer a “split-finger” hold.

Mark sent us photos of the handsome stocks, built by Robertson Composites in Canada. Mark notes: “A full range of colors is available, including granites and fades. You can go to Robertson’s website or a print shop to view a pantone ink chart and send me the numbers of the colors you pick. The stocks are made with black carbon fiber and will be harder to cover the seam on the bottom of stock with the light colors so please keep that in mind. A base color and one granite color is $285 for a flat top (non-inletted). Two-color granites (my favorites) are $30 extra. There are two different fades. A true fade has the solid color in the forend on the bottom, and costs an extra $60, while a granite fade is available for the base $285 price. We can do a camo dip now or texture paint for an additional $80. Go to to see the camo/texture finishes.

Robertson Pharr Silhouette stocks

For more information, contact Mark Pharr at Tumbleweeds Custom Rifles, (512) 246-7563. Mark also smiths custom silhouette and precision rifles, both rimfire and centerfire. You can also order Pharr/Robertson stocks and other silhouette gear from Chicken’s Shooting Supply.

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