December 3rd, 2007

Winchester Releases Commemorative Ammo

Here’s an item for you cartridge collectors and history buffs out there. Winchester® Ammunition plans to release a Theodore Roosevelt commemorative line of ammunition. This celebrates 150 years of Roosevelt’s influence as a political leader, avid outdoorsman and hunter, and champion of wildlife conservation.

Roosevelt Winchester 1895 Africa

The Theodore Roosevelt cartridges feature a nickel-plated shell casing bearing a special Roosevelt head-stamp in three calibers: 30-30 Win, 45 Colt, and Roosevelt’s favorite big-bore lever-gun round, the 405 Winchester. The most powerful cartridge ever chambered in a lever gun, the 405 was used extensively by Roosevelt during his 1909-1910 African safari.

Roosevelt, along with his son Kermit, spent nine months on safari in Africa, and his adventures were widely reported by the U.S. press. After that safari, Roosevelt will forever be associated with the Winchester Model 1895 lever gun. Roosevelt brought four 1895s to Africa, one in .30-40 and three in 405 Winchester. For dangerous game, the .405 was Teddy’s cartridge of choice. Famously, Roosevelt called his 405 Winchester lever gun “Big Medicine”. Teddy’s “Big Medicine” helped make the Model 1895 rifle legendary.

Roosevelt Winchester 1895 Africa
Roosevelt Winchester 1895 Africa

The Theodore Roosevelt line of cartridges features:
– Nickel-plated shell casing bearing a Roosevelt head-stamp
– 30-30 Win with 150-gr Power-Points in 20-round box
– 405 with 300-gr jacketed flat point bullets in 20 round box
– 45 Colt with 250-gr flat nose lead bullet in 50-count box

All Theodore Roosevelt cartridges are packaged in collectible, foil-embossed boxes, each emblazoned with vintage Winchester artwork and photography.

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