September 6th, 2008

Lock Up Those Handguns, Please…

For self-defense in your home or shop, you want quick access to your handgun.

Ideally, both handguns and long guns should be locked up in a heavy, full-size gunsafe that is bolted to the floor. However, if you need quick access to a handgun for personal defense in the home, there are smaller safes that can be opened in a couple of seconds, while still keeping handguns secure from kids or any unwanted visitors.

Gunvault Biometric Safe

Shown above is a GunVault Biometric handgun safe ($299.99 at This uses your fingerprint as the “key” to open the safe. Place your index finger in the scanner then press the middle button, and the safe opens up in under 2 seconds. As a back-up, you can can quickly open the safe by pressing buttons on the 4-finger keypad in the right sequence. Gunvault also makes a less costly basic GunVault version without the fingerprint function. The basic GunVault employs the keypad and/or a security lock to open the safe. Both models (biometric and standard) can be secured via a heavy security cable so a thief can’t simply grab the safe and run. Cabela’s has a video showing the biometric Gunvault in action.


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