June 10th, 2007

Indiana's Steel Target "Disneyland"

Many of our readers tell us: “I love the challenge of shooting paper in Benchrest, F-Class, or Highpower matches, but it would be fun to get some buddies together and ring some steel at multiple distances.” Well, if you’re in America’s heartland, here’s a place to go. Young’s Longshot Range, in Woodruff, Indiana, is a veritable “Disneyland of Steel”, with a huge variety of reactive metal targets set at yardage-marked berms from 25 to 1000 yards. Indiana’s only 1000-yard facility, Young’s Longshot Range is open 365 days a year. It has outdoor shooting stations (both covered and uncovered), PLUS a heated building with drop-down windows for winter shooting. There’s even a raised 5 meter high platform for prone shooting.

Youngs LongShot Range LLC

Youngs LongShot Range LLC

Youngs LongShot Range LLC

Larger Photos: Range | View from Bench | Shoot House | Shoot House Interior | 600-yd Swinger Target Bay

Youngs Longshot Range 700 yards

Click HERE for a nice story with full-size photos showing the range and target bays. Big thanks to Michael Sorensen (above) for that story and the larger range photos.

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