June 1st, 2007

New RCBS Shell Holder Rack

RCBS recently introduced a handy new product. No longer will you have to rummage through multiple boxes to find the shell holder you need. The new RCBS Shell Holder Rack has twelve positions that hold two shell holders on each post. There is also room to store six Trim Pro® Shell Holders. The clear cover keeps out dust and dirt while allowing you to quickly select the shell-holder you need. Most folks will place the Rack on their bench, but the Shell Holder Rack can also be wall-mounted with standard 1” pegboard hooks. In addition, support legs can raise the rear for bench use, or, when wall-mounted, the legs can angle the bottom out. Several Shell Holder Racks can be snapped together for more storage, and stickers are included to label shell holder posts. The new Rack, RCBS product 9461, retails for about $10.00.

RCBS Shellholder Rack

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