June 21st, 2007

Scope Boosting–Sightron vs. Weaver

One thing that Jackie Schmidt has been doing over the past few months, is dissassembling Weaver and Sightron 36X Benchrest scopes and locking them up internally. With the internal windage and elevation controls fixed in place, these scope are then mounted using the externally adjustable scope mount system developed by Gene Bukys (shown below).

Gene Bukys Scope Mount

In working with the different scopes, Jackie has observed that the basic designs of the Weaver T-36 and the Sightron BR scopes are similar. However, Jackie did find some important differences when it comes to boosting scope magnification. The Weaver is a better candidate for boosting because of the way its reticle is installed.

Jackie writes: “I have had both brands apart, and they both share the same design feature in the way the erector tube is mounted, that being a permanently fixed ball and gimble joint sleeve assembly that allows the erector tube to pivot. There is a difference in the way the erector tube sleeve is secured inside the scope body, but that is of no consequence. They both share a similar front objective assembly, (sliding lens assembly cartridge held against a stop by a large coil spring), so there isn’t much advantage of one over the other. I would call it a toss up as to which one might be better, or worse. The Weaver is a couple of ounces lighter. The one difference is if you wanted to boost one or the other. When boosting the power on a scope, one must keep the reticle cross hairs within the focal plain of the eye piece lens assembly. Most scopes are boosted by adding a small lens assembly between the erector tube and the eye piece, moving the reticle assembly back so as to maintain its correct position in relation to the eye piece. Since the Sightron has the reticle mounted in the end of the erector tube, it would be very difficult to move it back. The Weaver is much like the older Leupolds, you can move the reticle assembly back, since it is mounted into the scope body itself.”

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