June 7th, 2007

Silicon-Treated Storage Sacks for Rifles

MidSouth Shooters Supply has a special running now on Sack-Ups rifle storage socks. You get six (6) bags, plus a bonus Hunting CD, for just $22.55, item 093-109MSS. These 52″ synthetic bags are treated with silicone to help prevent rust. The fabric is stretchy and fits easily over shotguns, iron-sights rifles, and conventional hunting rifles with small scopes. For wide-forend BR rifles with tall scopes, we recommend the Bore-Store Fleece Bags instead. The Bore-Store bags provide much more cushioning for your rifle in the safe or during transport, and they are treated with a very effective rust inhibitor PLUS silicone. Still, Sack-Ups are much better than leaving your rifles bare, and they will prevent nicks and scratches. With this special, the bags are only $3.75 each. Keeping your rifles in Sack-UPs bags also lets you move the rifles around in your safe without worrying about fingerprints that can lead to rust spots.

Sack-ups rifle storage cases

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