September 22nd, 2007

300m European Cup Final This Weekend

The 300m Lapua European Cup Final 2007 is now underway at the Orbühl range in Winterthur, Switzerland. Shooters from throughout Europe will be competing. Men will shoot both the target (free) rifle and standard rifle in 3-position and prone events, while women will compete with target rifles only in both prone and 3-position events. There will also be a “SuperFINAL” event with money prizes. There will be a total of 12,000 Euros up for grabs at the event. CLICK HERE to download event brochure and map.

Lapua European Cup

Most shooters will be using 6mmBR factory ammo, but many of the Scandinavians will shoot Norma 6XC factory loads, and some of the Swiss shooters will use RUAG 6×47. As with most high-level 300m events in Europe, electronic scoring will be used. The scoring system employs acoustic targets from the Swiss Sius-Ascor firm that output shot placement (and score) directly to target monitors at each shooting position.

300m Lapua Europa

Photos used here are from the 300m Europa Cup Championships held earlier this year in Plzen, Czech Republic.

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