November 12th, 2007

Top Aussie Long-Range Shooter

Here’s a video of Forum member Jeff Rogers (“aJR”) shooting a 1000-yard match in Brisbane, Australia. Jeff designed and built this sophisticated Heavy Gun himself. Chambered for the big wildcat “.300 Redneck”, the metal/composite-stocked rifle features a Broughton barrel (in a tension barrel sleeve), Nightforce scope, and custom action all assembled in Townsville, QLD. The action is a one-off custom, RB/LP, with a Drop Port made for up to a 2.850″ long, .550″ wide magnum case. That’s right, this is a Magnum Drop Port! At 500m, the gun set new records and won many matches. At 600 yards, it set records for best 6-match Aggregate, Smallest Group, and High Score. At 1000 yards it’s been just as good, setting new Australian 6-match Group Aggregate, Small Group, and High Score records.”


Below is a photo of Jeff’s big rig. As you can see it has large, metal side flanks on either side of the barrel, and the underside of the buttstock is ultra-wide. The black, rear section of the stock is made from marine plywood sandwiched with layers of 1/4″ sheet aluminum. The “double-decker” cartridge caddy in the foreground is Jeff’s own invention.

Jeff Rogers Australia Heavy Gun

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