February 16th, 2008

Benchmark Expands Centerfire Barrel Line

Benchmark Barrels of Arlington, Washington has earned a stellar reputation for its rimfire barrels. Many of the most accurate rimfire BR rigs in the country sport Benchmark barrels. Benchmark pioneered the 2-groove barrel, and its reverse-taper blanks, in 2-groove, 3-groove, and 6-groove, are in high demand. Benchmark is known for the quality of its lapping work and its ability to craft a precise progressive taper (or “choke”) along the full length of the barrel. Typically, Benchmark’s rimfire barrels are hand-lapped with .0006-.0007″ of internal bore taper. This is an even, slight reduction of bore diameter–not just a choke at the end.

Benchmark Barrels

Centerfire Barrel Production
Benchmark offers a full range of centerfire calibers now, from .22 all the way up to .50 caliber. The three-groove, standard land, 8-twist 6mm barrel has been shooting exceptionally well, and Benchmark recently acquired new buttons so it can deliver 1:7″ and 1:9″ twists too. The 6.5mm barrels and 30 caliber barrels have been shooting very well also according to match reports. Benchmark can deliver both canted-land and conventional land versions of its centerfire barrels. Which shoots best? According to barrel-maker Ron Sinnema, “the 6mm 3-grooves with standard lands are working great. Bruce Baer tried one recently and said is was exceptionally accurate.” And for customers who prefer cut-rifled barrels, Benchmark now offers cut rifling in most bore sizes, from .22LR all the way up to rifled shotgun bores.

Benchmark Barrels

Great Value: $250.00 for a Premium Centerfire Barrel
Benchmark barrels are attractively priced. A centerfire blank with 27.5″ finished length costs just $250.00. Sinnema noted: “That’s our highest quality — we only sell one grade”. A variety of contours are available and (at added cost) Benchmark can provide fluting or an octagon barrel profile.

Rimfire barrels cost $325.00. They are more expensive because of the extra hand labor required. Ron explains: “The taper lapping is very time-consuming on the rimfire — but that’s one secret to their accuracy.”

Benchmark has a website “under construction”. For more info, contact Benchmark by phone, fax, or email:

Benchmark Barrels
Ron Sinnema, Barry Graber
1105 Pioneer Hwy East
Arlington, WA 98223
phone: (360) 652-2594
email: benchmarkbarrels [at] yahoo.com

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