September 10th, 2008

Places Available for Kelbly's Benchrest School (Sept. 20-21)

Kelbly’s will conduct a Benchrest School at its range in North Lawrence, Ohio, September 20-21st. Past BR school sessions have earned high marks from participants. Jim Kelbly and Greg Walley will be teaching this year. Greg reports: “We still have room for a few more students at the Autumn 2008 benchrest school. (Class size is limited to twelve students.) This class is recommended for the beginner interested in benchrest competition, or the varmint-target shooter looking to optimize his rifles and loading techniques for maximum accuracy. History shows that the weather is usually good at this time of year (rare in these parts!), so we should all have a good time. No need to bring a rifle if you don’t have one, since we will be supplying benchrest rifles, ammunition, rests, wind flags, etc. The cost of the weekend class will be $250. Lunch will be provided each day.”

Kelbly's Benchrest School

Kelbly's Benchrest SchoolTwo-Day Program
The sessions will run eight hours each day, and will be geared for the beginning benchrest shooter who wants to compete in NBRSA or IBS registered group-shooting matches. Saturday’s class will be in a classroom-style setting with Q&A sessions and a slide/video presentation covering many topics:

• Use and maintenance of benchrest target rifles
• Preparation and loading of benchrest grade ammunition using custom loading tools and techniques
• The application of ballistics and load development for optimum accuracy

The Sunday session will cover hands-on shooting, benchrest technique, range condition reading, and range etiquette. Rifles, rests, wind flags, ammunition and rifle cleaning equipment will be provided for the students. Participants can bring their own rifles if desired.

For more info or to register, visit Kelby’s Benchrest School webpage, email greg [at], or call (330) 683-4674.

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