November 3rd, 2008

Superior Shooting Discontinues 111gr DTAC Tipped Bullet

Last year, Superior Shooting Systems (David Tubb) introduced a new, plastic-tipped 111gr bullet. It was hoped this bullet would rival the performance of the popular 115gr non-tipped DTAC, while working better in chambers throated for 105-108gr 6mm bullets. The design looked good, but, according to Superior Shooting, the 111-grainer “did not meet David Tubb’s standards at long range, so it has been discontinued.” The existing stock of 111s has sold out and “the project has been cancelled”.

David Tubb DTAC 115 bullet

Superior Shooting does have ample supplies of the non-tipped 115gr DTAC bullet in stock. This bullet is a proven performer with a 0.580 BC (as tested). DTAC 115s are available both “naked” and coated with Boron Nitride, in minimum quantities of 500 bullets. The naked 115s cost $105 for 500, while the BN-coated 115s cost $110/500. That’s a great deal if you prefer coated bullets, when you compare it with the time and expense of coating the bullets yourself.

To purchase, call 806-323-9488 or visit From Superior Shooting’s home page, click on the “RELOADING” tab, select “Dies, Brass, Etc.”, then scroll down to find the DTAC 115 bullets at the bottom of the page.

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