April 18th, 2009

MTM Offers New Dual-Function "Spot & Shoot"

MTM Case-Gard, makers of ammo boxes, range boxes, gun cases, and plastic shooting rests, has come up with a handy new product for hunters and tactical shooters. MTM’s new Spot & Shoot Tripod Adapter combines a front rifle rest with a secure attachment for a spotting scope. Made of polypropylene, MTM’s Spot & Shoot adaptor adds the convenience of a “quick release” scope or camera mount plus a non-marring shooting pad to a typical tripod. Just spot your target, and use the pad to steady your rifle. The Spot & Shoot tripod adaptor costs just $14.92 at Midsouth Shooters Supply.

MTM Tripod Adapter

MTM Tripod AdapterAdaptor Fits a Variety of Optics
The Spot & Shoot can be used with still cameras, video cameras, and laser-rangefinders as well as spotting scopes — so long as the mounted gear’s base has a standard threaded mounting socket. The Spot & Shoot will adapt to most tripod heads, but unless you have a beefy, pro-grade tripod head, we would not advise using the Spot & Shoot with very large, heavy spotting scopes or video cameras with long telephoto lenses that hang way out in the front. This MTM product works best with compact optics.

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