May 31st, 2009

22-Caliber Moly 75gr A-Maxes on Sale

Hornady’s 75gr A-Max BTHP bullet is among the more popular bullets used by service rifle shooters. The plastic-tipped projectile also works well in 22-250s and 22 BRs with 1:8.5″ (or faster) barrels. The 75gr A-Max boasts an excellent 0.435 BC, which is higher than the claimed BCs for both the Sierra 77gr MatchKing (0.372 @ 3000+ fps) and the Sierra 80gr MatchKing (.420 @ 2200+ fps).

75 grain .22 caliber Hornady A-Max

High-BC 22 Cal Moly A-Maxs for under $20/100
Because Service Rifle competitors must shoot long strings of fire without cleaning, many prefer to shoot moly-coated bullets. Varminters likewise appreciate the fact that coated bullets may extend cleaning intervals. currently has moly-coated 75gr A-Maxs on sale for just $19.65 per hundred. That’s a good deal for bullets that are more than capable of winning Service Rifle matches. Consider that Sierra 77gr MKs are selling elsewhere for $25-$28.00 per hundred. If you have a fast-twist .224 and you like Moly, you may want to snap up some A-Maxs at this discounted price.

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