May 14th, 2009

Federal Introduces Affordable Ammo for M1 Garand and M1A

Garand Matches are among the most popular of CMP events, and the M1 Garand, acquired direct from the CMP, still represents a great value among collectible, military-style firearms. Recognizing the demand for accurate, yet affordable ammunition for M1 Garands and M1As(civilian version of m14), Federal® has introduced new American Eagle ammo expressly designed for these popular classes of rifles. M1 Garand and M1A shooters now have a quality yet economical ammo option, which reduced risk of slam-fires.

M1 Garand M1A Federal Ammo

Special Loads for Special Rifles
The M1A and M1 Garand are storied rifles with a huge following. Unfortunately, much of the hunting ammunition today isn’t suitable for these special rifles. “We know there is a very large number of shooters who use the M1A and M1 Garand rifles at the range,” said Kyle Tengwall, Federal’s director of marketing. “Whether it’s practicing for a competition, or just spending some time at the range, these shooters need affordable loads that perform well. These new loads cater to this special segment of shooters, and we’re proud to offer them something that shoots great and is available at price that can’t be beat.”

These special loads use staked primers to reduce the risk of firearm malfunction, including slamfires. The M1 Garand load features a 150-gr FMJ bullet and a carefully selected propellant that produces pressures that match the gas system design. The M1A load utilizes a 168-grain Open Tip Match (OTM) bullet that gives match-grade accuracy at an unbeatable price.

Ammo Specs:
A76251M1A / 7.62×51, 168gr OTM 2650 fps
AE3006M1 / 30-06, 150gr FMJ 2740 fps

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