January 4th, 2010

Sightron Releases Specs on 2010 Scope Models

Sightron has released photos and specifications of its entire 2010 scope line-up. This includes the new (and much awaited) 10-50x60mm SIII Long-range scope.

Sightron 10-50x60mm SIII scope

With a “street price” under $995.00, the Sightron 10-50 could become hugely popular in 600/1000-yard benchrest and F-Class shooting. The big new zoom features a jumbo 60mm objective, 30mm maintube, and 1/8 MOA clicks. Nearly 17″ long and weighing 28.9 ounces, make no mistake, this is a BIG piece of glass. If the new 10-50x60mm SIII Sightron is as good as the 8-32x50mm LR SIII we tested in 2009, this should be a fantastic scope for the money.

Sightron 10-50x60mm SIII scope

When will we have test results for the new 10-50? Very soon, hopefully. Sightron has promised to send the first available 10-50x60mm SIII production-model scope to AccurateShooter.com for testing and evaluation. We’ll share our findings as soon as we can put the new 10-50 through its paces in the field.

Consumer Survey on Reticle Choices
Currently the new 10-50x60mm scope is offered with two reticle options: a Fine Cross Hair (FCH) and a Fine Cross Hair with Target Dot (TD). The first shipment contains roughly an equal amount of each. However, Sightron’s product planners want to learn YOUR favored reticle choice. Consumer preference will influence the future production allocation between FCH and TD models. So, if the majority of you folks want a particular reticle, that’s what Sightron will try to provide in future shipments. Please respond to the POLL below with your reticle choice.

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