January 16th, 2010

Custom-Fitted ChargeMaster Cover for $24.00

If you have $300.00 invested in an RCBS ChargeMaster Electronic Scale/Powder Dispenser, you don’t want dust, dirt, and grime to accumulate on the unit. It makes sense to keep your ChargeMaster covered when not in use, particularly to keep dust and grit out of the sensitive load cell area.

Some guys just put a cardboard box or grocery bag over the top of their ChargeMasters between uses. That works (sort of), but there is a more elegant solution. Forum member “John Doe” from Nevada sells a custom-fitted green ChargeMaster cover for $24.00. He says the items are sewn by his neighbor. If you have a family member who knows how to run a sewing machine, you could put together this kind of cover for a couple dollars. But even at $24.00. the item seems popular with our readers so we’re featuring it here. To order a ChargeMaster cover, send email to Guns45s@aol.com .

RCBS ChargeMaster cover

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